The rejection of trumpism

To the Editor:

Urban has truthfully and accurately described trumpism as a social movement based on elements of racism, religious bigotry, demeaning attitudes toward women, attempts to intimidate the press, economic insecurity, rejection of scientific findings and general statements of hatred that are reminiscent of German National Socialism of the Hitler era characterized by completely, baseless false statements.

Many of the American electorate was duped by the biggest con man since Richard Nixon. They were naïve and gullible enough to believe the incessant lying, cheating, cajoling, and cover ups to the truth, facts, and reality. They chose to vote authoritarianism over democracy, and Trump over the constitution. But, the vast majority of our citizenry chose to repudiate trumpism and voted against the fear, hate, racism, embarrassment, and all — out assault on democracy. The American people have spoken to rid ourselves of the daily drama, confusion, tension, and corruption of trumpism.

Our trust in government has eroded over the decades with McCarthyism of the 1950’s, the assassinations of our national heroes, John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. and others and the cover ups during the 60’s, Watergate, and other untruths and lies by our government. Our trust is at its lowest point ever following the era of trumpism. We have become spiritually and morally bankrupt having lost our spiritual/moral compass. We feel neither shock nor shame by what goes on around us. We may see it but don’t acknowledge it as wrong, or maybe we just don’t notice it anymore. Our culture has lost its sense of sacred connection to any power or authority higher than ourselves.

Marianne Williamson writes in her book,” The Healing of America” “We must create who we want to be, rather than who we have recently been. No action — no principle can govern chaos. Our lives will not be brought to order through anything but love. It is in Americans joining other Americans that America will be healed.”

America is desperate for a return to normalcy and confidence in government. President Joe Biden will provide the leadership necessary to reach this long sought after goal. But it will take all of us treating each other with respect and dignity to overcome the inequities in our social fabric, to restore the soul of our country to a spiritually sound, peaceful, respectful nation. Please be in prayer for God’s discernment for President Biden in the ensuing months and years to guide us in strengthening our democracy and accomplishing God’s will for us.

— Chuck Petty