Equality is what nation needs

To the Editor:

The (Columbus Dispatch editorial) on racism in the Dec. 26 paper was accurate as far as it went, but it didn’t mention the obvious solution. What we need is what Dr. M. L. King Jr. was working toward. Equality! All citizens being treated the same way. No special favors for any one race. Justice for all, equally? What is wrong with that? Isn’t that what the founding documents of this country promised, Equality?

What we now seem to have is not a demand for equality by those who support Black Lives Matter, but a demand for the same kind of divisive “rules” that supported the old system of segregation. One where black people get the advantage for a change? If you have suffered under the old system this might sound pretty fair, but it is just more of the same. Separation of the races rather than the unification of the nation.

Who benefits? Maybe the politicians who use racial strife as a tool to get elected and then, stay in office, but none of us ordinary people, black, white, or whatever, who just want to live our lives in peace. Both our country and we, the people need one set of rules that apply equally to all of us! No special rules or laws for any one group and that should include politicians so that all of us have an equal chance. Not an advantage because of where our DNA came from.

This will not be easy. There are too many old, open wounds that will keep many of us from accepting equality for all, but if we do not our country will be condemned to fall just like every other great civilization has before us, and I believed this long before I had my DNA tested and learned that my forbearers came from every continent except Australia.

— Tom Fenner