Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information filed by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Nov. 12

MATH CAUSES PROBLEMS: A deputy was approached by a Milton-Union Middle School 7th grade teacher who stated that she overheard a male subject say that he was going to going to bring a gun to school and shoot someone. After my investigation, it was found that the subject didn’t actually say he was going to shoot anyone. The student stated that someone should have “shot the guy who invented math problems.”

PROBATION VIOLATION: A deputy assisted Miami County Probation at the Safety Building The probation office advised a female was inside the building performing community service. Upon later locating the female, probation advised she was attempting to inject drugs while inside the woman’s restroom. A loaded syringe and baggie of white powder were located on the female. Miami County Probation incarcerated the female on a probation violation. The syringe and white powder were sent to the Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab. Any additional charges are pending lab results and analysis.

OVI: A deputy made a traffic stop in the area of State Route 718 and North Forest Hill Road. Lisa Heitbrink, 57, of Troy, was charged with OVI refusal with a prior conviction.

INDECENT EXPOSURE: A deputy responded to the 1300 block of Spruce Street, Concord Twp., for a disturbance. The reporting party stated a male subject exposed himself. Marc Mayes, 41, of Gettysburg, was arrested for indecent exposure and a warrant out of Mercer County.

Nov. 13

TRESPASS: A deputy was dispatched to the Pleasant Hill Post Office in reference to a suspicious complaint. One male was transported off the premise and the manager advised they did not want anything done regarding the individual.

SIGN ISSUE: A resident in the 2700 block of Gearhart Road, Troy, reported their Trump sign was stolen.

ASSAULT: A Corrections Officer was assaulted at the Incarceration Facility. Star Bragg, 43, of Sidney, was charged with fifth-degree felony assault.

Nov. 14

PURSUIT: Dispatch advised Englewood Police were pursuing a vehicle northbound on State Route 48 headed into Miami County. The pursuit continued northbound from West Milton village limits. The vehicle was traveling at a reported speed of 80 MPH. A deputy responded to the south end of Joyland Drive and State Route 48 and deployed stop sticks (tire deflation device) in an attempt to terminate the pursuit while in Miami County. The suspect vehicle struck the deployed stop sticks and continued northbound through the villages of Pleasant Hill and Covington and into Shelby County. The suspect vehicle turned southbound on State Route 66 in Shelby County before coming to a stop a quarter-mile north of Miami County. The driver was apprehended by Englewood Police and identified as Justin Rigg.

DISORDERLY: A deputy spoke with an employee of Compunet who wished to file a report of a disorderly incident that occurred yesterday at a Covid testing site in the parking lot of UVMC. Report taken, case closed.

SOCIAL SECURITY SCAM: A deputy was dispatched to Bethel Twp. in reference to a fraud complaint. Upon further investigation, the victim had received a phone call from an unknown individual claiming to be from the Social Security Department. The victim gave the unknown person her information to the individual. The victim wanted the incident documented in case someone uses their information to take a loan out in their name.

PLATES GONE: License plates reported stolen in the 4000 block of State Route 41, Troy.

Nov. 15

TRESPASS: Lisa Follett, 37, of Vandalia, was charged with trespassing in Bethel Twp.

Nov. 16

DUMPING: A deputy was dispatched to the listed location on a littering complaint in the 10000 block of Union Church Road, Newberry Twp. The deputy observed old window frames and building material that had been dumped alongside the roadway. An attempt was made to find anything marking the material to locate an owner of the property. Nothing was found to show possession of the material. Newberry Township was notified and removed the material from the roadway. There are no leads or suspects at this time. This case is closed.

SUSPICIOUS: A deputy was dispatched to a suspicious priority in the 11000 block of West State Route 36, Newberry Twp. After further investigation, it was found to be multiple subjects spray painting and peeling serial numbers off of a trailer that was found to be reported stolen in Shelby County. All subjects were gone on arrival and the trailer was secured. Shelby County was notified and the victim was able to recover the trailer. All information will be passed on to Shelby County detectives for further investigation.

Nov. 18

TRAILER FOUND: The owner of a trailer that was reported stolen was possibly recovered. Owner contacted.

SCHOOL BUS STOP: A bystander called to report she witnessed a black Volkswagen type of car, fail to stop for her children’s school bus. She stated the school bus had activated the stop sign, red lights, and crossing pole. She stated the bus driver witnessed the car failing to stop and activated the horn on the bus to stop the kids from crossing and getting hit. Contact was made with Piqua City Schools.

OVI: Timothy Elliot, of Brookville, was charged with OVI and willful disregard of safety of person or property in the area of Covington Gettysburg Road.

Nov. 19

THEFT: The owner of the Kountry Kruise, Fletcher, reported a female attempted to pay for items with two different cards and pulled away before the items were paid for. Case pending.

ENDANGERMENT: Deputies were requested to respond to the Juvenile Detention Center for a female who was on the property to pick up her son. Staff stated the female was possibly intoxicated and were refusing to release her son to her. The Dita Rhyne, 41, of Wilmington, was arrested for OVI and two counts of child endangerment.

BURGLARY: A deputy responded to the 8000 block of N. Montgomery Line Road, Union Twp. for a burglary complaint. Entry was made into the residents and the garage. Items were reported missing. Case pending.

ASSAULT: A deputy was dispatched to West Central for an assault report. A juvenile bit a teacher.

BURGLARY: A deputy responded to the 6000 block of McMaken Road, Newberry Twp. on a report of an attempted burglary. After an investigation it was determined that an unknown subject(s) attempted to enter the residence through the front door. Entry was not made, according to the caller. There are no leads or suspects. This matter is pending.