Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Floyd McGillvary to David Atkins, Gayle Cathie Atkins, Marie McGillvary, two lots, $65,000.

S. M O’Neal Construction to Alan Binder, Jennifer Binder, one lot, $393,300.

Melisa Lucas to Joshua Bessler, one lot, $69,000.

3 Gen D LLC to Denlinger and Sons Builders Ltd., one lot, $90,900.

Evan Robbins, Roxanne Robbins to Troy Christian Schools, $170,000.

S.M. O’Neal Construction to Cheryl Carr, Kenneth Carr, one lot, $287,000.

Angelia Anderson, attorney in fact, Robert Myers, Angelia Wiley to Lindsey Chaney, one lot, $103,000.

City of Troy to Christina Shafer, one lot, $0.

Judy Spring, Robert Harrelson, power of attorney to Luis Fuentes, one lot, one part lot, $125,000.

Terry Brown, Theresa Brown to Kevin Klatte, a part lot, $36,000.

Inside Out Youth Homes Inc. to Larisa Solomon, one lot, $65,000.

Jolene Johnson-Sell to Bradley Bixler, Lisa Bixler, one lot, $290,000.

Wayne Fronczak, Felicia Yount to Clay Bertke, Hannah Bertke, one lot, $142,000.

B & X Properties to Troy Place Plaza, one lot, $0.

Halifax Land Company to Chad Slemker, Susan Slemker, one lot, $51,900.

Halifax Land Company to Jennifer Daniel, S. Michael Daniel, one lot, $51,900.

Halifax Land Company to Carol Porter, Richard Porter, one lot, $35,900.

Halifax Land Company to Gregg Family Investments, one lot, $36,900.

Halifax Land Company to Carledia Rehmert, Richard Rehmert, one lot, $31,900.

Halifax Land Company to Michael Lightle, Susan Lightle, one lot, $36,900.

3 Gen D LLC to David Burrows, Jacqueline Burrows, two lots, $112,900.

Christina Lawrence, Jerami Lawrence to Christina Lawrence, Jerami Lawrence, one lot, $0.


Eric Carlock, Zachary Carlock, Erica Niswonger to Hannah Lambert, one lot, $125,000.

Nancy Brading, Julia Perrie, attorney in fact to Jordan Carney, one lot, $109,900.

Connie Miranda to Brian Price, one lot, $169,900.

Andrew Gibson, Misty Gibson to Connie Miranda, a part lot, $129,900.

Robert Schaefer, Sherry Schaefer to Benjamin Schaefer, two lots, $79,000.

Beverly Gilberg, Frederick Gilberg to Emily Shawler, Ian Shawler, one lot, $195,000.

Emily Shawler, Ian Shawler to Alexandra Olds, two part lots, $134,500.

R&J Piqua Properties to Daniel McKenzie, Casey McKenzie, a part lot, $16,000.

Peggy Snyder to Angela Byers, James Byers, $0.

Lisa Anthony, W. Joseph Anthony III to Jason Fitzpatrick, Somer Fitzpatrick, one lot, $135,000.


Jon Holderman, Rebecca Holderman to Jane Fisher, Jon Fisher, one lot, $337,000.

Karen Collinsowrth to Karen Collinsworth, Teresa Saul, one lot, one part lot, $0.

Nedra Jurewicz, an attorney in fact, Betty O’Bryant to James O’Bryant, one lot, $105,000.

Local Property Buyer to Julmar Investments, Was Investments, one lot, $50,000.

Investacorr Inc. to Bruns Construction enterprises Inc., one lot, $0.

Jeffrey Crouch, Elizabeth Thompson to Kathryn Brown, one lot, one part lot, $155,000.

Jack Cox to Jacob Kolakowski, one lot, $175,000.

Dolores Droesch, Michael Droesch to Local Property Buyer, one lot, $38,500.

Denlinger and Sons Builders Ltd. to Danielle Keplinger, Ronald Keplinger, one lot, $379,000.

Carl Johnson, Cynthia Johnson to Deborah Rodenberg, Wesley Rodenberg, one lot, $299,900.

John Peters, Veronica Peters to Elizabeth Peters, Veronica Peters, one lot, $0.


Marilyn Burke, Terry Burke to JCG Property Renovations, a part lot, 0.374 acre, $125,000.


Heather Ray, Aaron Zuhl, Heather Zuhl to Richard Cartwright, one lot, $110,000.


Hollie Weaver, Michael Weaver to Cynthia Watkins, Jordan Watkins, two lots, $335,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Fischer Single Family Homes IV, two lots, $74,300.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Fischer Single Family Homes IV, two lots, $57,300.


Rena Overholser, Steven Overholser to Rena Overholser, Steven Overholser, two part lots, one lot, $0.


Mary Stoffel to Ryan Ayers, one lot, $0.

Estate of Rebecca Furlong, Sarah Rue, administrator to Alisha Via, Samuel Via, two lots, one part lot, $37,600.


Jade Clark to Jordan Rhoads, one lot, $0.

Matthew Boyd, Suzanne Boyd, Suzanna Stephenson to Matthew Boyd, Suzanna Boyd, $0.

Dustin White to Joni Miller, one lot, $0.

Beverly Brubaker, Gregory Brubaker to Beverly Brubaker, Gregory Brubaker, Nicklaus Brubaker, one lot, $0.


Nancy Ensley to Anna Crowell, one lot, $0.

Joseph Zimmerman, Lisa Zimmerman to Joseph Zimmerman, Lisa Zimmerman, 2.009 acres, 4.552 acres, $0.

Bethany Cooper, Dustin Cooper, Aerin Donthnier, Trevor Donthnier to Aerin Donthnier, one lot, $0.


John Anderson Revocable Living Trust to Chris Sage, $129,000.

Anthony Brown to Beth Brown, Jeffrey Brown, 5.001 acres, $42,000.


Russella Lynn Harden, Warren Harden to David Meurer, Jessica Meurer, 20.305 acres, $186,000.

Patricia Jones, Patricia Youngerman to Dale Jones, Nicole Jones, one lot, $274,000.

Amber Holtzapple, Travis Holtzapple to Jacob Baldwin, Megan Baldwin, one lot, $290,000.

Jennifer Bair to Andrew Farling, Sara Farling, $248,500.

Horizon West Troy to Julie McMiller, Scott McMiller, 2.011 acres, $165,000.

Stony Brook Estates to Scott Investments of Troy, $65,900.


Jayne Benham to Virginia Benham Revocable Living Trust, Ruth Caldwell, trustee, 0.2119 acres, $0.

Jayne Benham to Jayne Benham, 10.1445, $0.

C. Todd Caldwell, Ruth Caldwell to C. Todd Caldwell, Ruth Caldwell, 41.7769 acres, $0.


Susan Bachtold to Troy Yeager, one lot, $239,900.

NVR Inc. to Ashley Rings, Jacob Rings, one lot, $373,700.


Benjamin Lyons, trustee, Lyons Family Trust to Shonda Dawson, 1.501 acres, $232,000.

Douglas Lyons to Benjamin Lyons, trustee, Lyons Family Trust, 1.501 acre, $0.

Jane Gearhardt, Larry Gearhardt to Carol Forsythe, William Forsythe, 7.514 acres, $56,000.

Donald Gladish, Melinda Jeffery to Donald Gladish, Melinda Jeffery, 5.0 acres, $0.


Beverly Moore, John Moore to Randall Myers, 1.484 acres, $239,900.


Ariel Shelby, Matthew Shelby to Andrew Gibson, Misty Gibson, $191,500.

Dorothy Grunkemeyer to Sheila Shumaker, one lot, one part lot, $209,900.

Ashley Thomas, Juwuan Thomas to Jeremy Totten, one lot, $159,900.

Sherry Spradlin, William Spradlin to Anthony Shaw, Leanna Shaw, one lot, $230,000.


Barbara Robinson to Ashley Bigelow, Jonathan Francis, one lot, $40,000.


Mark Ludewig to Anna Ludewig, Mark Ludewig, 2.192 acres, $0.

Douglas Pietrzak, Tammy Pietrzak to Jeffrey Meyer, 3.0 acres, $69,000.

Judith Bowling, Dustin Weikert, Sarah Weikert to Judith Bowling, Dustin Weikert, Sarah Weikert, 8.267 acres, $0.