Chapter recognizes members

BRADFORD — Each year, freshmen in the Bradford-UVCC FFA chapter take a few weeks to learn about, memorize, and recite the FFA Creed.

This year, one student that has stood out with overcoming the fear of public speaking with her peers is Emily Huff. Huff was willing to step out of her comfort zone and try something new. She showed the qualities of a good leader, a good role model, and a great FFA member. When she stepped up in front of the class to recite a paragraph of the creed, she received an almost perfect score twice. She stood out to the officer team when picking the November Member of the Month because of this.

The chapter’s SAE spotlight for the month of November is Scout Spencer. Spencer is a sophomore in the FFA chapter. Over quarantine earlier this year when school was reverted to online, Spencer decided this was the perfect time to start his SAE for the upcoming year. In March, he decided to get chickens. He now has 14 chickens in total. He took two days to build them a chicken coop and he has to feed and water them everyday. Scout said that he collects around 60-70 eggs a week. He sells them for $2 a dozen and some of the money he makes off the eggs goes toward buying more feed. He is currently working on submitting an SAE grant application through the National FFA to expand his business and be able to increase the number of his chickens and have a bigger facility for them. Spencer also has ducks and goats.