SUV hits polling place in Tipp City

TIPP CITY — Voters at St. Johns Catholic Church precinct got an unexpected interruption on Tuesday morning.

An SUV jumped a curb and stuck the building shortly after 9 a.m.

Tipp City Police Sgt. Adam Grubb was on duty and inside the church polling place when the crash happened.

Grub said that he heard the impact and knew immediately what happened.

Precinct chief Sam Robinson was also inside when the crash occurred. “We had a booth right over here (next to the impact area)”, said Robinson, “but no one was injured.” There was one person standing near the impact area at the time of the crash. “It is fortunate that Senator Steve Huffman was walking in,” Robinson continued, “He’s a doctor, so he checked on her and she was okay.”

Grubb said that the driver of the SUV was also not injured. “She came into park and pulled into a handicapped spot,” said Grubb, “and she hit the gas instead of the brake.”

Robinson said the he contacted the Miami County Board of Elections about the crash. No interruption in voting is expected as tables and machines were moved to other parts of the room.

A structural engineer from Tipp City was contacted to inspect the impact area to determine the extent of damage to the building.