Halt the development in township

To the Editor:

Thanks to the time, effort and financial resources of some concerned Bethel Township (Miami County) residents we have the opportunity to halt approved zoning and development on Palmer and Agenbroad/Dayton Brandt by voting no on the two referendums on the Nov. ballot.

Bethel residents initiated the referendums opposing the rezoning in part because the number of homes to be built is undefined and uncontrolled. While the rezoning initiators may state that a smaller number of homes is planned they are not limited by their rhetoric. In fact, the Palmer Road rezoning request included a chart showing examples of existing plat like developments of 36, 45 and 60 homes on less land.

We have the opportunity to show developers that we love the rural nature of our township and that we are not ripe for the picking. Please vote No on the November 3 ballot referendums for Bethel Township. A vote “No” rejects the rezoning. Better yet, go to the courthouse in Troy, vote early and vote N0, it’s easy and quick, then enjoy a great lunch downtown.

— Doris Martino Shaver

Bethel Township