First Responders train for mass casualty events

MIAMI COUNTY — When the tones are dropped for a serious accident, seconds count to reach victims, stabilize them, and then transport them to the nearest emergency department.

Following a series of serious vehicle accidents this summer, specifically, the incidents at the Troy-Sidney and Peterson Road intersection, Troy Fire Department Training lieutenant Aaron Simmons launched a multi-jurisdiction mass casualty training to improve response times in every critical step of care.

Members of the Troy City Fire Department, Tipp City Fire Department, and Elizabeth Township Fire/EMS will participate in the three-day training which began Wednesday.

Simmons said training allows crews to practice their timing for the triage and transport in mass casualty scenarios.

“It allows us to hone in our skills and fine-tune our practice,” Simmons said.

When multiple injury accidents occur, Simmons said it taxes the department’s resources and mutual aid is needed. To improve the level of care and times at the scene, agencies work together to “get better and faster at what we do,” he said.

Premier Health and Upper Valley Medical Center led the training with Dr. Pradeesh M. George, a surgical critical care surgeon, at the helm of the three-day training exercises.

During the hands-on mass-casualty portions of the exercises, students from the Upper Valley Career Technology Center were “moulaged,” which is the art of applying mock injuries to train emergency response teams and other medical personnel to give a realistic feel to the exercise.

As day one of the exercises was wrapping up, Amanda Goodwin, a junior at Troy High School and Upper Valley Career Center said taking part in the exercise as one of the crash victims was “far beyond what I was expecting.”

“I really had a great experience here, learning what it is like not wearing a seat belt (when involved in a crash),” she said. “It was great seeing what the first responders actually do in this situation.”

The three-day training will be held through Friday at the Troy Fire Department’s Station No. 2, located at North Market and Troy-Urbana Road.