Hopyard29 releases Ohio IPA

TROY — Hopyard29 is releasing their own Ohio IPA with the help of a partnership with Moeller Brew Barn.

“Nick Moeller (Moeller Brew Barn’s founder) was one of the first people to come to mind when I thought about growing hops. Moeller Brew Barn in Maria Stein is our local brewery, so we were beyond excited to get involved with a brewery we frequent on the weekends,” Chris Meyer, co-founder of Hopyard29 with Christine Meyer, said.

Moeller Brew Barn, founded in Maria Stein in 2015, routinely partners with local hop farms. The brewery recently expanded its offerings and opened a second brewery and taproom in Troy in 2019.

“Hopyard29 has gone all-in on their dedication to not just growing quality hops but to get it to the brewer in the freshest state possible. It was awesome to witness their top-notch facility and people in action during the hop harvest rush,” Moeller said.

Hopyard29 is a full-service farm with a state-of-the-art 8,400 square foot ODA compliant processing facility where hops are plucked from the bine, dried, pelletized and vacuum sealed until ready for the brewer. The 7-acre hop farm grows various hop varieties including Comet, Chinook, Newport, Galena, Mackinac and Michigan Copper.

“To me, the hop bill of Hopyard29 highlights an orangey-citrusy flavor, along with pine and grapefruit. With their expanding lineup of hops and our 2021 beers in planning, we’re looking at how to design more of their hops into our beers,” Moeller said.

Six-packs of Hopyard29 Ohio IPA are available at local retailers. The brew is on tap at both Moeller Brew Barn locations, along with various taprooms across the state.

“It’s been a thrill to gain brewing confidence with breweries in Ohio,” Chris Meyer said. “Being able to partner with local restaurateurs is our biggest pride and joy.”

To learn more about the Hopyard29 hop farm or Moeller Brew Barn, visit www.hopyard29.com or www.moellerbrewbarn.com.