Troy man charged in hit/skip

TROY — The man who allegedly fled the scene of a bike accident has been arrested and charged.

According to Troy Police Department’s Capt. Zac Mumford, Chris Compton, 46, of Troy, was arrested on Sunday. He was arraigned on a fourth-degree felony hit-skip crash in a public roadway. He also was charged with fifth-degree felony drug distribution, first-degree misdemeanor possession of drug abuse instruments, fourth-degree felony possession of drugs, and misdemeanor possession of marijuana and plates belonging to another vehicle.

His bond was set for $9,000 on all charges Monday in Miami County Municipal Court.

Compton was allegedly the driver who fled the scene after colliding with a 14-year-old boy on Sept. 19 in the area of Harrison Street. The boy suffered a severe concussion from the accident.

Two people on the bike path heard the accident and found the boy on the side of the path. The boy was on his way to the skate park when the accident occurred.