Foundation announces continuation of initiative

TROY — The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on nonprofit organizations has been dramatic and devastating. To quickly and directly provide Miami County’s nonprofit organizations with flexible support for immediate, pandemic-related needs, the Trustees of the Paul G. Duke Foundation have announced that grantmaking through their Targeted Acts of Kindness initiative will continue through the spring of 2021.

In order to focus on Targeted Acts of Kindness grantmaking while organizations cope with the ramifications of the pandemic, the Duke Foundation’s Trustees have temporarily suspended the regular Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 competitive grantmaking cycles. The Trustees will continue to evaluate the foundation’s grantmaking in light of changing conditions, and an announcement will be made when the foundation’s competitive grant application process is resumed. Information about the foundation’s grantmaking may be found at

“Organizations serving vulnerable members of the community are seeing dramatic rising demand for their services, even as they face significant operational and fundraising challenges in meeting those needs,” said Linda A. Daniel, president of the Duke Foundation.

Daniel emphasized that the need for foundation and community financial support of local non-profits and those they serve will certainly continue well into next year.

During these challenging times, the Duke Foundation has already provided over $367,000 for nonprofit organizations serving individuals and families across the Miami County area, through their spring grants, significant support for The Troy Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund, and through the Targeted Acts of Kindness initiative.

The Paul G. Duke Foundation, a Supporting Foundation of The Columbus Foundation, was established in 1983 by Paul G. Duke, a Miami County businessman and philanthropist. Mr. Duke’s philanthropic activities have been continued by his daughter, Patricia Duke Robinson, an active community volunteer and advocate for the residents of Miami County.

The Duke Foundation’s Board of Trustees is: Linda A. Daniel; William J. McGraw, III, Esq.; Deborah Miller; Natalie Rohlfs; Rayce Robinson; Ronald B. Scott; and Wade Westfall. Patricia Duke Robinson serves as president emeritus.