The American reality

To the Editor:

Today, the best opportunity exists for us to begin the end of the absurdity and hypocrisy of racial and social injustice and the caste system inherent since the very beginnings of our country. The mass slaughter and the relocation of the native Indians to reservations against their will, to the murders, heinous crimes, terror and injustices perpetrated on blacks. Atrocities that beset black people during the days of Jim Crow, before and after the Civil War and yet today, injustice and hypocrisy clings to our fragile social fabric, an insidious plague poisoning everyone.

The Declaration of Independence reads that all men are created equal with certain unalienable rights (1776). The pledge to our flag reads we are one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all (1942). These words penned by aristocratic white men were and are a slap in the face and hypocritical for anyone of colored skin. Still, yet today many of these rights are denied to many people of color. Many in the entitled, dominant, majority and supposed supreme white race practice systemic racism in attempts to keep all not fortunate enough to have been born white in their place, beneath them on the lower rungs of the ladder in the vile caste system still alive and well in our society. God sees us as all the same, not red or yellow, black or white, or brown.

The time is ripe for long sought and hard fought real change, to correct the injustices of systemic racism and the indignities felt by all peoples of color. To make ring true the idealism of our nations creed of equality, liberty and justice for all. We must, first ignore the incendiary, inflammatory rhetoric of one Donald Trump, attempting to divide the country along racial and ethnic lines, promoting the ghastly structure of racism and the realities of our sordid caste system.

Progress toward racial and social justice for all must have strong leadership from the White House, with the President setting the correct tone and optimism for success. We need a man of strength, honor, fortitude, honesty, decency, empathy, and character. A man of great faith, with leadership qualities to lead us out of the current fear, anxiety and strife felt by all Americans. A humble man who will listen and take advice from others and make all decisions to benefit the country and not his own selfish needs. That man is not Donald Trump. Vote Biden/Harris in November to end the chaos and return normalcy to our lives and make America greater.

— Chuck Petty