Kathy Henne: Like moths to a flame

Do you remember your mom doing “spring cleaning?” If you’re selling your home, it’s essential to take care of the details, both inside and out. Since buyers first see your property from the street, there are some steps you can take to pique their interest in seeing more.

Obviously, color makes an impact. Emphasize two or three colors in your flower beds and shrubs, and coordinate your blooms with the seasons, be it spring or summer. Also, make sure your trees and shrubs are properly sized to the house and grounds, and not blocking any of your home’s positive features.

Perfectly maintaining your lawn is critical while you’re on the market, since a well-manicured lawn powerfully symbolizes your pride of ownership and attention to maintenance. You can reduce the time invested in mowing and watering if you can do some simple landscaping with rocks, ornamental grasses and drought-tolerant plants.

The sound of water is also attractive to buyers. Even if you don’t have a pond, you can achieve the same effect by installing a small fountain in the yard, or even running a electric fountain on your porch or deck.

Finally, there are a couple of architectural flourishes that add interest, such as colorful window boxes, a trellis with flowering vines, or even a pretty new mailbox. Contact your experienced real estate professional for a wealth of other ides to attract buyers to your door.