Tipp City mayor proclaims ‘Purple Heart Day’

TIPP CITY — On Monday, Tipp City Mayor Joe Gibson issued a proclamation declaring Aug. 7, 2020 to be “Purple Heart Day” in the city of Tipp City.

“The Purple Heart is the oldest military decoration still in use was initially created by George Washington on Aug. 7, 1782 as the ‘Badge of Military Merit,’” Gibson said during the Tipp City Council meeting. “The Purple Heart was the first American service award made available to the common soldier, and is awarded to any member of the United States Armed Services wounded or killed in combat with a declared enemy of the United States.”

The declaration went on to recognize the mission of the Military Order of the Purple Heart organization, formed in 1932, “for the protection and mutual interest of all who have received the combat decoration.”

“Recipients of the Purple Heart have known the meaning of sacrifice in the preservation of the United States of America and national interests at home and abroad,” Gibson said, also recognizing the 1.7 million veterans who have been awarded the Purple Heart since World War I.

“The city of Tipp City proudly confirms our commitment as a Purple Heart City and to honor those who serve and have served so faithfully in defense of our freedoms as Americans and gratefully acknowledge their sacrifice, bravery, and unwavering commitment as patriots,” Gibson said.

“It’s long overdue, and it’s certainly not enough to repay these people,” Gibson said about the proclamation.

Also on Monday, the council approved an ordinance levying special assessments for the partial costs of the reconstruction of Wunderwood Drive in conjunction with the Wunderwood Drive Water Line Replacement and Roadway Reconstruction Project within the city of Tipp City. This ordinance permits costs associated for the Wunderwood Drive roadway replacement project to be assessed to the property taxes for collection over a 15-year term.

The council then approved an ordinance amending 2020 appropriations. This ordinance modifies the 2020 annual operating budget to appropriate additional monies for various unanticipated events, which have occurred during the course of the city’s 2020 fiscal year. The ordinance lists approximately $211,500 in supplemental appropriations.

City Manager Tim Eggleston cited “unexpected happenings” like the COVID-19 pandemic and changes to contracts as impacting appropriations. The ordinance also notes that “revenue sharing obligations due to the City’s various TIF and property tax abatements were significantly higher than expected,” leading to “higher payments to the local school district for revenue sharing.” The “interest due on the Electric Department and Sewer Department notes,” or their short-term debt, was also “miscalculated in the original 2020 operating budget.”

Gibson said the city is still operating in the black.

”It’s not going to affect our overall general fund,” Eggleston said.

Following that, the council authorized an ordinance approving a subdivision/replat of inlot 2624 located at 1282 W. Main Street, as well as the dedication of right-of-way on South Kinna Drive. The city will be extending the roadway between Main Street and the existing South Kinna Drive, which the ordinance states will be a benefit to the city “by establishing a second means of ingress/egress into the Northgate Commerce Center industrial park.”

The council then approved an ordinance authorizing the cityto enter into a contract extension with Rumpke of Ohio, Inc. for the collection and disposal of solid waste, recycleables, and yard waste from residential properties for a two- year period commencing on Oct. 1, 2020.

Next, the council approved a resolution authorizing the city to enter into an agreement with the Tipp City Exempted Village Schools to provide police services at various school locations, functions, and events, as well as to share costs. Eggleston explained this is for the school district’s resource officer, and the school district pays for approximately 60 percent of the officer’s overtime. The school board also approved this agreement at its last meeting.

“This is a budgeted item,” Eggleston said.

Council member Mike Jackson asked whose responsibility it is if one of the officers gets hurts.

“It’s our liability,” Eggleston said.

Abby Bowling of Tipp City asked if the contract is a flat rate or if they are billed by how many days the officer works.

A representative of the Tipp City Police Department said the cost amount is based on the hours the officers work.

The council then authorized entering into a contract with BS&A Software of Bath, Mich. for the provision of financial accounting, budgetary, payroll and personnel services, utility billing, and fixed asset accounting software at a cost not to exceed $227,720 plus reasonable and necessary change order costs as approved in advance by Eggleston.

Council member Kathryn Huffman was absent.