Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Brittany Rathge, Preston Rathge to Ann Bush, Paul Bush, $227,000.

Julia Parker, Thomas Parker to Beverly Richey, Frank Richey, one lot, $505,400.

Up North Construction to Janice Bates, $264,000.

3 Gen D LLC to Carolyn Norris, Daniel Norris, two lots, $0.

Eric Huth, Tisha Huth to Jose Gustoavo De Menezes, $410,000.

Douglas Stewart to Courtney Stewart, $0.

Windy Properties to Alecia Drouhard, Todd Drouhard, one lot, $261,500.

Kathy Curtis, Richard Curtis to Sarah Bensman, a part lot, $95,000.

West Water Troy to Brian Dugan, one lot, $111,000.

Brian Dugan, Melanie Dugan to Levee Properties, a part lot, $0.

Betty Tasker, Rex Tasker to Xavier Brown, one lot, $122,000.

Karen Zumwald to Will Wannemacher, one lot, $149,900.

Lonnie Todd, Sue Todd to Alan Schussheim Trust, $314,900.

Costa LLC to Brian Dugan, a part lot, $200,000.

Joseph Lehmann, Melissa Lehmann to Hannah Okwengu, one lot, $255,000.

Donita Zechar to Steven Zechar, $0.


Sapphire and Diamonds LLC to Spence Hina, Stephanie Hina, $145,000.

Crystal Milburn-Webber to Robert Webber, $0.

Gregory Miller, Lori Miller, Alexandrea Cox to Zachary Miller, a part lot, $0.

Linda Brotkin, M. David Dial Jr. to Piqua Improvement Corp., $0.

Judith Cathcart, Judith Heater to Judith Cathcart, two lots, $0.

Harold Dusenbury, Karen Dusenbury to Joshua Lillicrap, Stacie Lillicrap, one lot, $199,500.

Carla Stamper, Terry Stamper, Tony Stamper to Terry Stamper, $0.

Jonathan Gambill, Nicole Wood to Brian Siler, part lot, $62,000.


Blake Owens, Dylan Owens to Joshua Phillips, one lot, $122,500.

Angela Cost, Estate of Angela Wintrow to Angela Cost, Lee Cost, one lot, $42,400.

Carol Fourman to Taylor Angle, Dylan Canan, $18,000.


Katie Jaqua, William Jaqua III to Amy Dromey, Patrick Dromey, $35,000.

Sherri Colby, attorney in fact, Dixie Harnish to Deborah Manning, Jack Manning, one lot, $125,000.

Holly Rohr, Erin Turner, Holly Turner to Jearold Wolfe Jr., Melissa Wolfe, two part lots, $145,000.

Kathryn Lewis, Sean Weatherhead, Kathryn Weatherhead to Erin Dillon, Jonathan Dillon, a part lot, $135,000.


Talismanic Properties to NVR Inc., one lot, $61,000.

Talismanic Properties to NVR Inc., one lot, $61,000.

William Kessler to Scott McDonald, one lot, $80,000.

NVR Inc. to Matthew Fanning, Rebecca Fannin, one lot, $272,300.

Ahnna Spitzig, Dennis Spitzig to Ahnna Spitzip, Dennis Spitzig, $0.

Sherri Flock, William Flock to Brenda Davis, one lot, $357,000.


Darin Rayburn to Carla Connolly, a part lot, $79,900.

Karen Hemmerick to Mark Hemmerick, one lot, $0.

Kevin Mann, Monica Mann, MacKenzie Mcalpin, Mitchell Mcalpin, Monica Mcalpin, Tonya Mcalpin to Michael Mcalpin, two lots, $75,800.


MyCumortgage to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $0.

Robert Scott, Tonya Scott to Jacqueline Knight, Travis Knight, $103,000.


ANishka Davis, Darrell Davis to David Allshouse Jr., Monique Allshouse, two lots, $289,900.

Carl McComb to Mary Wright, two lots, $178,000.

Jarrod Kelley, Renae Kelley to Kanwalpreet Sidhu, Dalvir Singh, two lots, $327,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Fischer Single Family Homes IV LLC, two lots, $72,100.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Fischer Single Family Homes IV LLC, two lots, $72,100.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Fischer Single Family Homes IV LLC, two lots, $53,600.

Equity Trust Company, Steven Bornhorst IRA to Zackary Garrison, one lot, $195,000.

Inverness Group Inc. to Diana Dankwah, Michael Dankwah, two lots, $359,900.

NVR Inc. to Audrey Deck, Mark Deck, two lots, $296,900.

Dustin Gilroy, Tiffany Gilroy to Tarana Aliyeva, Elshad Niyazov, two lots, $300,000.

David Moses, Melissa Moses to Christopher Murphy, two lots, $266,000.


Gary Lee Biggs, Valerie Biggs to Dustin Gilroy, Tiffany Gilroy, 39.692 acres, $532,000.

Jacqueline Leskowich, James Leskowich to Jacqueline Leskowich, James Leskowich, 37.635 acres $0.

Dennis Montgomery, Suanne Montgomery to Carl Mackey, 2.579 acres, $235,000.

Christen Crumley, Christopher Crumley to Charity Wilkerson-Bienick, Joshua Wilkerson-Bienick, 15.787 acres, $291,900.

Ann Marie Meade, Gerald Meade to Elise Lostutter, Ryan Lostutter, one lot, $409,000.


Debra Showalter, Lloyd Showalter to Kendall Erdahl, Lisa Erdahl, one lot, $410,000.

Kendall Erdahl, Lisa Erdahl to Diana Carlisle, Patrick Carlisle, one lot, $310,000.

Sally Doll, William Doll, Michael Howes, Rebecca Howes to Racha Alkazbari, one lot, $200,000.


April Minor Bognar, Melissa Hawk, executor to Amanda Terry, 1.263 acres, $160,000.

Kevin Maggert, Stephanie Maggert to Brad Adams, 1.5 acres, $40,000.


David Berry, trustee, Berry Family Trust to Francis McLean, Robin McLean, 0.609 acres, $395,000.

Brenda Davis to Katie Phillips, William Phillips, $395,000.


Mary Iddings, Stephen Iddings to Blake Owens, Dylan Owens, 17.321 acres, $399,000.


Amita Snyder, Kurt Snyder to Ashley Garrett, James Werling, one lot, $249,000.

Daniel Verrill, Kathleen Verrill to Jeffrey Hemm, three lots, $65,000.

Angela Kmucha, Michael Kmucha, Daniel Rogers to Angela Kmucha, Daniel Rogers II, Sherry Rogers, 1.036 acres, $0.

Hillary Yutzy, Joseph Yutzy to Ronald Craft, Kelly Leganik, 2.0889 acres, $272,000.


Keystone Homes in Troy dba Scott Investments of Troy to Jeremy Howard, Katharine Howard, $59,900.


Roger Myers to Jodie Hicks Myers, Leonard Myers, 2.225 acres, $0.

H. Edwin Kuhns, trustee, Kuhns Family Dynasty Trust to H. Edwin Kuhns, Martha Kuhns, 5.8 acres, $0.


Bethany Burns, Ethan Burns to Bethany Burns, Ethan Burns, 8.296 acres, $0.

Donna Gilliam to Phyllis Braun, Ronald Braun Sr., $175,000. +-

Mary Ann Wolaver to Michael Smith, Rebecca Smith, 10.76 acres, $0.

Mary Ann Wolaver to Kristine Pence, 20.349 acres, $0.

Brian Harshman, Shirley Harshman to Benjamin Harshman, Dale Harshman, Lori Harshman, 2.1358 acres, $240,500.