Former chief remembered

TROY — Bill Frank served the Troy community for more than 30 years as an officer and later as chief of Troy Police Department.

Charles William “Bill” Frank passed away Monday, July 20, 2020, at age 80.

Bill was a Troy City Police officer for 30 years and retired as chief on April 6, 1998. After retiring, he worked part-time for the law office of Faust, Harrelson, Fulker, McCarthy and Schlemmer. He was a member of the Cove Spring Church.

In a July 9 interview, Chief Charles Phelps, who succeeded Frank, shared that he always had the utmost respect for Chief Frank although they differed on management style.

“Bill was the one who hired me. We didn’t always see eye-to-eye. He had more of a military style … which was OK, I got along with that. He gave me this opportunity … had he not made the decision to hire me, none of this would have happened,” Phelps said.

Former patrol Capt. Joe Long said Frank was the chief that hired him, but got to know him more outside of the chief’s office when Frank retired.

“He’d always stop to talk to me when we’d run into each other downtown. It wasn’t a quick hello, he’d talk to you for at least a half hour,” Long said. “He was very nice and very talkative after he retired. When he was chief, we always got a long, he was a nice guy.”

Former Mayor Michael Beamish shared his memories of Chief Frank, first as a school resource officer and later as chief of police.

“Our relationship goes back to my teaching days at Heywood when Bill Frank was the juvenile officer for the Troy Police Department,” Beamish said. “He and I shared many discussions about what was best for children growing up. I have always had a great respect for all that he did as a law enforcement officer, and watched with admiration as he moved through the ranks on his way to becoming the chief.

“While I never had the opportunity to work directly with him during my tenure as mayor, I’ve always had a deep respect for his accomplishments. In later years, whenever we met on the street, we always reminisced about the good old days. He will be missed and fondly remembered,” Beamish said.

Current Mayor Robin Oda said while she did not have the opportunity to know or meet Chief Frank, she has heard so many wonderful things about him.

“Reading his full obituary (which he wrote) gives some insight into his personality and it leaves me wishing I’d had the chance to know him. I am thankful for his service to our community and his long commitment to the Troy Police Department,” Oda said.