Man arraigned on felony burglary

MIAMI COUNTY — A Piqua man is facing burglary and theft charges in Miami County Municipal Court in connection with a stolen gaming system.

Clayton A.L. Burke-Coppock, 21, of Piqua, was arraigned this week on charges of second-degree felony burglary, first-degree misdemeanor theft, and fourth-degree misdemeanor criminal trespass.

According to Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports, Burke-Coppock was charged in connection with a report of someone breaking into a residence on East Main Street in Fletcher on June 27. The victim reported an Xbox and an Xbox headset as stolen. The reports note a wooden box with drug paraphernalia was also taken. Altogether, the items were valued at approximately $400. The Xbox and headset were later recovered, and Burke-Coppock reportedly admitted to entering the victim’s residence through an unlocked door and stealing the items.

Burke-Coppock entered not guilty pleas in Municipal Court. A preliminary hearing and pre-trial conferences for Burke-Coppock have been scheduled for July 28.

In other news:

Also in Miami County Municipal Court, a Piqua man is facing charges regarding companion animals.

Chet M. Young, 31, of Piqua was arraigned on three counts of second-degree misdemeanor prohibitions concerning companion animals-deprive or confine, along with three citations of minor misdemeanor failure to license dog, in Miami County Municipal Court this week.

According to reports from the Miami County Animal Shelter, Young was charged in connection with a report of loose dogs on the 9700 block of North State Route 48 on June 17. While investigating this complaint, a representative of the Miami County Animal Shelter reportedly found one dog tied to a tree on a vacant tract of land on the 8000 block of Versailles Road in Covington. There were two other ties that had been chewed through on a nearby tree and a tractor on the property. The one dog who was still tied up had food but no water. Two other loose dogs were also recovered in the area.

Young entered not guilty pleas. A pre-trial conference for Young has been scheduled for Aug. 20.