Letter: Do not remove the dams

To the Editor:

This letter to the editor is about the recent picture of Troy firefighters training on the Great Miami River. My comment is this, enjoy it now, because if U.S. Fish and Wildlife and Flatland Resources get their way, the public or firefighters will not be able to get a boat with a motor into the river because it won’t be deep enough if they are able to convince the people to let them remove the dam in Piqua and the dam in Troy for the benefit of canoeing and kayaking.

Why are the groups pushing for this now? The two dams have been there for many years without any concerns. Does someone in this group own a kayak or canoe rental?

If the public wants to see what the river will look like, take the gates out of the two dams for a trial period of three or four months starting now and then let the public vote on it this fall.

Ralph Ritter