Kendall the man for the job

To the Editor:

I would like you to join me in voting for Tom Kendall for mayor of the city of Troy.

I have known Tom for the past 20 years and have always found him to be devoted to Troy and very professional.

The office of Mayor serves many roles. First and foremost, he ensures the safety of the residents, along with making sure the services the city provides are available whenever we turn on the water, drain the sink and take the trash to the curb for collection. Secondly, his responsibility is to ensure our city is held to the highest standard within our region by representing us and keeping our city the jewel of southwest Ohio. This role includes following up with staff and senior management to see that the streets are plowed, parks are clean and family friendly and that the entrances to our city are welcoming. Lastly, he represents us abroad, maintaining our relationships with our sister city of Takahashi City as well as our many business partners in Europe and Asia.

Tom has an extensive background in executive level business management, including partnership relations with companies abroad. His last role took him overseas regularly overseeing the operations of a multi-national business.

I first met and worked with Tom in 2000 with the Troy Strawberry Festival, where he was a past chairman. Having been a past chairman as well, I understand the time and passion needed to select committee chairs, select a theme, and coordinate all the activities so visitors and Trojans enjoy a fun weekend. All so Miami County nonprofits can earn valuable revenue to achieve their outreach goals and missions. His strong leadership continues to this day with his involvement in Be the Match and Tour de Donut.

I have also had the pleasure of working alongside Tom on Troy City Council for the past 10 years. We have worked on several committees together such as finance, economic development as well as law and ordinance.

Tom’s extensive business and strong community involvement make him the perfect candidate for mayor. I believe he has the strength, vision and wisdom to hold city leadership accountable by defining goals and senior leadership accountable to those goals. He is passionate about Troy’s future and all its citizens.

Please join me in supporting and voting for Tom Kendall for the office of mayor on May 7.

— John Schweser

Troy City Council