Hoops, Edgell win state title

KENTON — The last two weekends have brought success for Butler students Hayden Edgell and Kelsi Hoops at renowned powerlifting competitions.

On March 4 Edgell and Hoops travelled to Columbus to compete at the Arnold Classic in the Double Deadlift.

“Going into the Arnold I was super excited and I had so much confidence in the both of us,” says Edgell.

The duo left the Arnold victorious, lifting 700 pounds. Edgell and Hoops were ranked as double deadlift national champions, and under 18s double deadlift world record holders following their performance at the Arnold.

On March 10, Hoops and Edgell travelled to Kenton High school to compete in the state powerlifting competition.

“Going into the competition I was just focusing on my goals and reminding myself how hard I worked to get to that point and show everyone what I’m capable of,” says Hoops.

Both girls are now back-to-back Ohio state champions, state record holders, national champions, and world record holders.

“My coaches have done so much for me and it made me tear up when I saw how proud they were of me. It was an amazing feeling. This is why I love powerlifting and will continue to do competitions,” says Hoops.

Hoops and Edgell are powerlifters at Pacifico Power Systems in Dayton. Pacifico Power saw 18 of their powerlifters take home medals at the state meet.