Time for pumpkin pie

I wanted to reach out to readers this week in place of Gloria. Gloria and two of her children were involved in a car accident last week. I am happy to report that they are OK, just shaken up and bruised up a bit. Another passenger, a woman who goes to Gloria’s church, suffered some broken bones. While Gloria’s church is a horse and buggy church, it is not uncommon to hire non-Amish drivers for errands into town. Gloria called it a “miracle” no one was killed and it does sound like a serious car wreck. Gloria will fill you in more on it. Having been in a car accident or two myself over the years, one serious, I know how much it shakes you up mentally and physically so I told her to take a break for a week or two from the column. As it happens,with the election looming I know many print newspapers will be scarce on space anyway for the next week or two and might not be able to run the column anyway.

Jim McGuire: Gather these fleeting autumn days

October’s streams are special—ebullient mirrored avenues along which the beauty of this most dramatic season seems impossibly-but-wonderfully multiplied.

When death comes calling

Approximately , 220,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 thus far, and more will be departing this earth in the upcoming months as the virus spreads indoors and deaths accelerates as some Americans believe this is all a hoax and that as Americans, they have a right to ignore the advice of infectious disease professionals. Add to this those who will die from traffic accidents, disease, drug overdoses, suicide, and a variety of other causes, such as being murdered, and the numbers are dramatic.

Protecting Ohioans’ health care

Ohioans’ health care is once again under attack from Washington Republicans who are attempting to use the courts to get around the will of the voters, and overturn the entire Affordable Care Act (ACA). In a matter of weeks, the Supreme Court will hear the case pushed by President Trump that would do what the American people rejected over and over: overturn the entire ACA.

What will we do if Trump re-elected?

By Joe West

Please vote ‘Yes’ for Troy City Schools

By Chris Piper

Embrace the journey

Joshua is no longer a newborn, but still a little hero by all. At three months old, he loves to be a part of the action, and splashes smiles on whoever takes a minute to talk to him. His big blue eyes and beautiful cover of medium to dark wavy hair remind me a lot of Julia when she was a baby. This handsome little guy has added a rich dimension in our home in more ways than I could ever tell. Why, the other day, I laughingly told a sister at church, “If we keep enjoying each baby, more and more, I think we’ll need a dozen!” On a more serious note, there really is an awesome responsibility that goes with each child; having children simply has nothing to do with having things done the easy way. Let me hasten to add; I would never do without any of them. God has brought them to our hearts and home through foster care and biologically, and there is no way we’d want to do without any one of them.

All aboard — or not

Even though the geniuses at the Apple store may dispute this, I am capable of embracing new technology. I didn’t say I would actually do it. I also didn’t say I would be good at it. I merely stated it is within my admittedly limited techno-adventurousness to try it. Why just last week, I downloaded an airline boarding pass onto my phone. I fully realize people have been downloading boarding passes onto their phones since 10 Y.I.S.J.E. (that’s 10 Years Into the Steve Jobs Era).

Critical look at nation’s past is essential

By Deb Hogshead

Forgiveness amid tragedy

Shock. Horror. Is it true? Surely not. How could it be?