All aboard — or not

Even though the geniuses at the Apple store may dispute this, I am capable of embracing new technology. I didn’t say I would actually do it. I also didn’t say I would be good at it. I merely stated it is within my admittedly limited techno-adventurousness to try it. Why just last week, I downloaded an airline boarding pass onto my phone. I fully realize people have been downloading boarding passes onto their phones since 10 Y.I.S.J.E. (that’s 10 Years Into the Steve Jobs Era).

Critical look at nation’s past is essential

By Deb Hogshead

Forgiveness amid tragedy

Shock. Horror. Is it true? Surely not. How could it be?

Jim McGuire: Cherish this ‘between-time’

I recently checked out my local possumwood patch. What? You’re unfamiliar with possumwood? Well, so was I until a few years ago when I stopped by to visit a fellow brook-trout devotee and sometimes poet at his charming rural homestead in North Carolina.

Fighting for fair housing

More than 50 years ago, we passed the Fair Housing Act, and a series of other fair housing and fair lending laws, to outlaw discrimination, promote integrated communities, and provide powerful tools to root out discrimination and invest in communities of color.

Taking the roads less traveled

Yes, I know there is a worldwide pandemic going on.

Gloria gets cheesy

When I was a young girl, something I especially enjoyed was the challenge of seeing how many gallons of milk I could turn into cheese, yogurt, or cream pies. Anna Belle was our old faithful Jersey that dad would milk each morning and evening. We would get anywhere from three to four gallons a day. I always kept an eye open for new recipes and ways to use up extra milk. Making butter wasn’t my favorite job ever, yet the satisfaction of fresh creamy butter is etched permanently in my mind. We would have a container in the freezer where we’d dump in the cream each time we skimmed off a gallon of milk until we had enough to make a large batch butter. I would then thaw it to room temperature and take it out to the shop where dad would set up his drill press for me to make butter the easy way. His large drill press would whip the cream and produce butter much more quickly then I could ever shake it in jars.

The backbone of our services

By Brian W. Green

Media lies vs. reality — our community cares

It is easy to look at the past six months and see only hardship throughout our nation. But, if you look a bit closer, it is not hard to see the solidarity that our community has shown.

Battle of wits with the birds

Thank goodness John James Audubon isn’t alive to witness this. The birds he admired and memorialized in prints have pitted their wills against mine. It’s still too close to call.