720 lunches

I recently finished my tenure as a board member of The Future Begins Today. This premier nonprofit in our community provides for nurturing, mentoring, and scholarship support to Troy students. One of its most well known initiatives is the Lunch Buddy Program; where a Future Begins Today student is paired with an adult and they share a lunch together once a month. This person serves as a mentor to their lunch buddy, taking an active interest in their life in the hopes of building a positive relationship with a young person that needs them.

Community colleges: Ready for workforce challenges

By Jack Hershey

Jim McGuire: Aging August

August is winding down. In just over a week, September will arrive to take its place.

Don’t buy what Ol’ Joe is selling

Occasionally, political spin doctors and editors whose primary goal is apparently to promote specific political agendas of their liking, fall asleep at the wheel and a news article that is based on solid research slips through the cracks. One such article recently appeared in USA Today. Written by Katherine B. Stephens, leader of the early childhood program at the American Enterprise Institute, the column assessed Joe Biden’s plan for a taxpayer funded universal preschool program for all three and four year old children.

By Dr. Vanessa Enoch

Reinstate $600 unemployment insurance benefits

This week, as we are supposed to be honoring Labor Day and supporting the people who make this country work, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has rolled out his latest plan, and just like the last one, it actually cuts Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits. This time it cuts benefits by $300 every week, while giving legal immunity to corporations that rollback workplace safety protections.

Ensuring students can learn safely, effectively

With the new school year set to begin for many Ohio students, we need to ensure that our communities have the support and resources they need for our kids to learn safely and effectively.

Trip ends on a sour note

Back before it took a lot of nerve and a really efficient face mask, I flew commercially to Florida to see a friend. We spent many happy days together, one of which entailed taking a train (!) to a nearby town to do some shopping. There was a shop that sold nothing except a vast variety of vinegars and oils. I realize we have a shop just like that in Troy. I’ve been there. But when you are on vacation, you are almost obligated to do things that don’t make sense, like parasailing. So I bought three bottles of very tasty flavored vinegar. The nice store people knew a tourist when they saw one. They wrapped my purchases in bubble wrap, then put the swaddled bottles inside a zipped plastic bag. When it was time to pack to come home I placed the double-wrapped bottles inside yet a third bag. When I travel, I put a bright red band around my suitcase. This helps me identify it and also helps hold the bag together when it is being tossed around the cargo hold of an Airbus.

Jobs to test job’s patience

There is a song, one of those on the order of “Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall,” that makes you want to pierce your eardrums with an icepick. (Author’s disclaimer: Do not, no matter how good an idea it may seem at the time, pierce your eardrums with an icepick. Do not pierce your eyes or nose or any other vital part of your body. If you must pierce something, pierce your neighbor’s eardrums. That will keep him from complaining about your dog barking. Further disclaimer: I’m joking. Do not assault your neighbor. Unless he really deserves it.)

What if DeWhiners Zoomboom from Maskitis

I have discovered that as I get older I have to work harder to pay attention to what people around me are saying. They always are coming up with new words, and if I’m not careful I’ll end up losing track of what’s going on.