Supporting veterans’ mental health needs

This month’s virtual and socially distanced Veterans Day celebrations around Ohio serve as a reminder not only of the sacrifices veterans make for our country, but also of our collective responsibility to support those returning home from service.

Open Ohio and protect most vulnerable

Over the last seven months, our community, state, nation, and world have been dealing with the novel coronavirus.

Jim McGuire: Mid-November’s gleaming heart

Today we reach November’s center—the midpoint day of this transitional 11th month. Time keeps hustling along, and Thursday-after-next we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving!

Fighting for a utility shutoff moratorium

Recently, I led my Democratic colleagues in writing letters to 22 of the nation’s largest utility companies — urging them to suspend all utility shutoffs for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the election taking center stage in the news in recent weeks, we need to be cognizant that the COVID-19 pandemic is still adversely impacting our everyday lives.

New opportunities with my brother’s keeper

Since President Obama launched the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) program in 2014, our office has been working with leaders around the state to encourage cities to invest in all students, particularly young men of color, who we know are so often locked out of opportunities.

Ohioans proving it’s easier than ever to vote

By Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose

Help a loved one get help for anxieties, fears

By Stan Popovich

Jim McGuire: November begins!

November begins! Autumn’s final full month, which bridges the seasons. Change is visibly afoot. The natural world is everywhere in glorious transition.

Addendum to when death comes calling

My column last week on preparing for death provoked conversations, phone calls, and texts. Perhaps you discussed that column with friends and family and recalled a college class in which you studied Kubler-Ross’s model of five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Her model has not been tested empirically, and some find fault with it.

Pilates for dummies

Here is a dirty little secret no one ever mentions in time: if you don’t start doing something about it early, say when you’re ten, at age sixty-six your joints replace that nice soft cartilage with cement. Or concrete. I keep getting those two mixed up. In any event, one day you are springing out of bed ready to face the world and every task it holds and the next day you are bent over like that creepy pale thing in Lord of the Rings and you start whining just like him, too. This is the sort of thing that ought to be in books with snappy titles like “How to Age Gracefully in Just Eighty Years.” Those sorts of books are instead filled with helpful hints such as “Stay positive” and “Think happy thoughts” when what we really want to know is how do we get our knees unlocked.