The Amish Cook: Crispy pizza quesadillas

Julia came bounding in the back door on her return home from school. She enjoys her short trek through the woods that separate us from our little country school. “Mom, this is my memory verse for the week!” she exclaimed, proceeding to read it off to me.

Spirit of giving should continue throughout year

By Sean Ford

Solutions through policy, not violence

Growing up on our family farm, I didn’t go to the city much. We lived a joyful and contented childhood, playing in the woods and farming the land my ancestors farmed. I started reading books and learning about the heroic men and women of the past. I was enamored by historical figures who sacrificed for what they knew to be right. Not all of them were gracious and kind, but they were seeking the greater good when they devised our unique system of governance.

Funds available for bars, restaurants recovering from pandemic

As we have observed throughout this pandemic, COVID-19 has caused unparalleled hardship for the restaurant and service industry in Ohio, hurting small businesses that are vital to the economy and culture of our communities. Ohio recently established the Bar and Restaurant Assistance Fund to provide much-needed relief to businesses as they continue to experience financial difficulties due to COVID-19.

Gloria puzzles over the new year

After having a week off, I’m ready to get in touch with you all again. Why not have a seat in my kitchen and join me as we chat over steaming hot chocolate? These days I keep thinking of life and jigsaw puzzles. You know how you keep straining your eyes, positive that there must be a missing piece somewhere till finally it just falls in place, and you wonder why it had been so hard to find.

Broadband everywhere would be fitting legacy to 2020

By Steve Buehrer

A New Year’s favorite

Gloria Yoder is taking a deserved Christmas break this week. She’ll return next week. But I wanted to share a traditional New Year’s favorite recipe with readers. This is something Gloria makes each New Year’s.

The Yoders cut-out for Christmas cookies

From my corner in the office, where I was finishing up a note to a friend, I heard the entrance door open. My mother’s cheery voice caught my attention. Next came Hosanna’s inquisitive: “Who’s birthday is that for?”

Jim McGuire: Light, juncos and change

We’re at the cusp of change. Christmas is over, December is ending—and a brand new month and year awaits.

Jim McGuire: Water, woods and nuthatches

I’ve always liked the borderland country along the sunset side of the state — specifically, that narrow strip north of Route 40 and immediately east of the Ohio-Indian line.