Compromise in Congress needed to save small business

By Kathi Roetter

Jim McGuire: Dog days and catfish nights

Down through the ages, purple and gold were always considered the colors of royalty. Even today, the combo’s majestic power remains—obvious even when displayed by native wildflowers growing beside a picturesque hill-country creek.

Ensuring students can learn safely, effectively

With the new school year set to begin for many Ohio students, we need to ensure that our communities have the support and resources they need for our kids to learn safely and effectively.

The 75th anniversary of the surrender of Japan

To gain Japan’s surrender and end World War II, the threat was “prompt and utter destruction,” and Japan’s Emperor Hirohito announced surrender on Aug. 15, 1945. A prelude to what was meant by “utter destruction” had occurred on Aug. 6, 1945, when a B-29, the Enola Gay dropped a nuclear bomb, “Little Boy,” on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. This event was followed on Aug. 9, 1945, when another B-29, Bockscar, dropped “Fat Boy” on Nagasaki, Japan.

Jim McGuire: August … already!

When I recently flipped the page on the kitchen’s wall calendar, the realization we’d reached summer’s final full month caught me off guard.

Investment will make region’s focal point

By Brett Roubinek

A Vietnam veteran remembers

Growing up in the Toledo area with one older sister and three younger brothers, Nicholas Essinger of Troy, Ohio, says, “We grew up during World War II and the Korean War , so my brothers and I knew that we were expected to serve our country. It was ingrained in us.”

Orwell was one smart dude

Six months ago, who among us could have predicted that a worldwide pandemic would bring America to its knees, weeks of rioting would turn some of our major cities into rubble, historical monuments would be under attack by protestors, and calls to defund police forces would be getting louder and louder?

Jim McGuire: Dog days and catfish nights

Seasons whizz along, faster than we sometimes realize. July is winding down, and believe it or not, summer’s first half will soon be over.

A World War II veteran tells his story

If all goes as planned, on July 4, 2020, Harry Christy, 98, will be riding in the Miami County of Ohio parade, organized by the Miami Valley Veterans Museum. His driver on this occasion will be his son Jerry, a U.S. Air Force medic in the Vietnam War.