Gloria bucks tradition

As you know, I’m not a hunter at heart. Nevertheless, we aim to eat more natural whole foods at our house, minus all the additives, artificial hormones, and the like. Deer meat falls into the category and has come to be a staple at our house.

Remember Pearl Harbor

The anniversary of Pearl Harbor is coming up, Dec. 7, 1941, and I think about an uncle who was there at the U.S. naval base at Honolulu when the Imperial Japanese Navy struck it and other sites, raining fire down on ships, planes, and men. Bill Adams was a pilot then, had been a high school dropout but had been sent to pilot training because his officers saw intellect, calm — ll those special abilities pilots must have.

Finding your mark

Society has a set of criteria that it uses to define what it means for a man to leave his mark on the world. We tend to believe that the measure of a man is determined by his degree of influence or the wealth he has. While these are certainly good indicators of one’s accomplishments, it shouldn’t be taken as everything. What is easy to forget is that the true measure of manhood lies in one’s willingness to rise by lifting others and being a true friend; a brother to someone when he or she needs it the most.

The Deep of the Year

The earth spins and tilts, busily circling its way around the sun. Time is always on the move. Seasons wax and wane in ever-changing transition.

Open Ohio and protect most vulnerable

Over the last seven months, our community, state, nation, and world have been dealing with the novel coronavirus.

New opportunities with my brother’s keeper

Since President Obama launched the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) program in 2014, our office has been working with leaders around the state to encourage cities to invest in all students, particularly young men of color, who we know are so often locked out of opportunities.

Help a loved one get help for anxieties, fears

By Stan Popovich

Jim McGuire: November begins!

November begins! Autumn’s final full month, which bridges the seasons. Change is visibly afoot. The natural world is everywhere in glorious transition.

When death comes calling

Approximately , 220,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 thus far, and more will be departing this earth in the upcoming months as the virus spreads indoors and deaths accelerates as some Americans believe this is all a hoax and that as Americans, they have a right to ignore the advice of infectious disease professionals. Add to this those who will die from traffic accidents, disease, drug overdoses, suicide, and a variety of other causes, such as being murdered, and the numbers are dramatic.

What will we do if Trump re-elected?

By Joe West