Davidson, Republicans just wanted Trump votes

To the Editor:

As I see it, Davidson and Republicans lie on reason for objections, claiming to be worried about every vote in other states. Truth is they only want Trump votes. We know it, he does too. Why no objection on red states? He wants to lick boots of a man who would run the USA as a clone of North Korea. No thanks.

Pretty sad that White House fought giving the approval to allow the National Guard to help Congress for 15 minutes while goons trash Capitol and threaten life of Davidson and congressmen. Seems Davidson-Trump loyalty only works one way.

As for what I see from the eyes of a misguided Trump supporter: I am a victim. I believe that despite every election having a winner and loser, my guy should always win. If not, I whine and demonize other Americans and am too delusional to accept the other got more votes. I claim that the 60-plus court cases where I fail to show evidence are lost because the judges hate my guy and don’t follow the law as elsewhere. I’m a victim and I have a right to fix it however I want. You know me, I’m your neighborhood Trump cultist.

— Sean Cheadle