Lack of responsiveness telling

To the Editor:

I simply wanted to share with your readers my recent experience about the responsiveness of our elected officials. I have, to date, sent four emails in the past six weeks to Representative Warren Davidson, commenting on his stances on legislative items. To date, I have received zero responses to these emails. I expected at least a generic email response, but I received nothing — except the request from his office to receive his regular email newsletters.

Yesterday (Tuesday, Jan. 5), I sent an email to Senator Rob Portman about another legislative matter, and today (Wednesday, Jan. 6), I received a response. Yes, I am sure that it was essentially a generic response (I didn’t expect a highly personalized one), but it was courteous and germane to what I had written about.

I am disappointed that Mr. Davidson’s office feels scant need to respond to his constituency. Indeed, I believe that his office is secure as long as he chooses to run in this district — evidently, so does he.

— John Jung