Dunaway re-elected president of Tipp City BOE

TIPP CITY — Tipp City Board of Education kicked off their annual organizational meeting by re-electing Theresa Dunaway as board president and electing Anne Zakkour as vice president.

Dunaway was re-elected in a 4-1 vote; board member Joellen Heatherly voted no. Zakkour was unanimously elected vice president.

“My goals are to focus on academics and facilities with the input of all (board) members and our superintendent,” Dunaway said. “Along with that, it’s important for the superintendent to have measurable goals that dovetail with academics and facilities.”

Dunaway also mentioned that she thinks the board needs to be exceptionally student-focused this year and that the board is there to serve the staff, students and the community of Tipp City.

“We are a strong team. There were many unprecedented situations that occurred in 2020; we learned and got stronger,” Dunaway said. “This board will be razor-focused and effective in all areas, it’s going to be an exciting time for Tipp City Schools.”

The board also approved their meeting schedule and will continue to hold regular meetings every third Monday of the month at 6 p.m.; work sessions have been moved to Tuesdays at 5 p.m. All board meetings will be held at the board offices unless otherwise stated, and will continue to be live streamed via the district’s YouTube page.

Under the treasurer’s report, the board unanimously adopted the Alternative Tax Budget for Fiscal Year 2022. Board treasurer Dave Stevens noted that while the budget is an estimate, the general fund estimate is based on information in the five-year forecast, while other funds currently use historical estimates.

“This past fiscal year, 2020, was not the best year to do estimates off of because of how different it was, so I tried looking back to years 2019, 2018 and 2017. The budget currently reflects older years rather than last year, and I’m hoping that we come through the COVID situation sooner in 2021 rather than later so that we can return to more normal operations in fiscal year 2022,” Stevens said.

The board also approved a resolution to advance taxes from the treasurer of Miami County to the board, which will allow Stevens to contact the auditor’s office in January and July for an advance in tax monies a month in advance.

He added that there would be time to adjust the budget as they get closer to fiscal year 2022, and a draft budget would be approved in June of this year.

Committee assignments for the 2021 year were also determined during Monday’s meeting:

• Theresa Dunaway was appointed to the Strategic Planning Committee.

• Simon Patry was appointed to the Facilities, Grounds and Safety Committee.

• Simon Patry and Anne Zakkour were appointed to the Board of Education Policies Committee.

• Theresa Dunaway was appointed to the Student Achievement Liaison Committee.

• Theresa Dunaway was appointed representative to the Personnel and Contract Negotiations Committee.

• Joellen Heatherly and Anne Zakkour were appointed to the Finance and Audit Committee.

• Theresa Dunaway and Anne Zakkour were appointed to the Board of Education Communications Committee, as well as the board webpage.

• Theresa Dunaway and Simon Patry were appointed to the Tipp City Public Library Committee.

• Joellen Heatherly was appointed to the Business Advisory Council.

• Simon Patry and Theresa Dunaway were appointed to the Athletic Council.

• Corine Doll was appointed to Tipp City Economic Development.

• Corine Doll was appointed to Tipp-Monroe Community Services.

• Joellen Heatherly was appointed to Tippecanoe Educational Endowment.

• Simon Patry was appointed to the Tipp City Park Advisory Board.

The Tipp City Board of Education will hold a work session at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 12. Their next regular meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 25.