The time to act is now

To the Editor:

How bad does the pandemic situation in Ohio need to get before the governor and other elected officials get off the “we need to have balance” mantra and finally do something that actually works?

With the arrival of the bare minimum first shipment of vaccines, DeWine and his faint-hearted minions sit by and watch Ohio race to the third highest infection rate per capita in the United States. Over the past week, one in every one thousand Ohioans has been infected. That CDC data point is actually a minimal figure since 570,000 have already been infected.

On average 73 citizens in Ohio die every day, 360 are admitted to a hospital and one in 10 of them are admitted to an ICU.

In a recent broadcast, the governor listened to health care professionals talk about the intense hardships they face and how fearful and overworked they were and how terrified they were about bringing the disease home with them. The governor’s response was to adjust his glasses, give that simpering smile, and say, “Thank you for your service.”

The time for real action is way overdue. All we need to do is initiate serious restrictions that will enable us to make it to late summer. The “balance” on the governor’s scale however tips heavily in favor of bars, restaurants, and gyms. Courageous health care workers and the rest of us don’t even register.

— Pat Keaty