Via to Serve on Ohio’s Developmental Disabilities Council

PLEASANT HILL — Amanda Via of Pleasant Hill was recently appointed by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine to serve on the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council for a term beginning Jan. 1, 2021 and ending Dec. 31, 2023.

The Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council is made up of over 30 members, with the majority being individuals with developmental disabilities, and parents and guardians of people with developmental disabilities who are appointed by the Governor of Ohio. By the direction of its members, the Ohio DD Council funds grant projects that aim to enrich the lives of people with developmental disabilities with an emphasis on self-determination, diversity and inclusion.

Via currently serves locally on board for the Miami County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Riverside) and with this new position, will also represent the community and families of people with disabilities at the state level.

In August, Via was named the Director of Telehealth for Premier Health Partners after serving eight years as Outreach Manager/Flight Nurse for CareFlight Air and Mobile Services, also with Premier Health. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Wright State University and a Master of Science in Integrated Healthcare Management from Western Governors University.