SARs members present flag certificate

MIAMI COUNTY — The local chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, which includes Troy, Piqua, and all of Miami County, presented the Miami Valley Military History Museum with a Flag Certificate. The certificate is to honor a person or organization who displays and shows respect for the American flag. The Military History Museum was chosen for their display of historical and military flags, for their collection and proper disposal of used and tattered flags, and for their recent replacement of flags at the burial sites for Medal of Honor recipients. The certificate was presented to the museum curator Mark Conrad, who said, the museum “was honored to receive the flag certificate.” He added, “The collection of artifacts begins with the Revolutionary War and continues to modern times. All ranks and branches of the service are represented, there is the opportunity to see artifacts belonging to privates and generals alike, as well as relics from the opposing side in each conflict.”

Richard Montgomery Chapter President Steve Kaplan commented that, “This museum is a hidden gem in the Miami Valley. Looking around the museum, one can feel the history and it makes you proud of the service the men and women of our armed forces performs. It is our honor to present a Flag Certificate to such an outstanding place.”

Accompanying Kaplan were Compatriots Alan See and Ron Helms of the local SAR chapter. The three representatives were dressed in colonial uniforms for the occasion.

The Miami Valley Military History Museum is located at 120 Ohio Avenue (Building 120), the historic Putnam Library, in the Historic District of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Dayton.

The Sons of the American Revolution is a non-profit charitable organization affiliated with the Ohio Society and National Society of the SAR, whose members have proven their ancestry to patriotic activity during the Revolutionary War and the founding of the United States of America. Interested parties in membership, potential programs, and guests should call (937) 335-7345 or email for more information. You can also check out the Richard Montgomery website and Facebook page.