Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Brenten Line to Brenten Line, Jennifer Line, two lots, $0.

Beverly Hangen Revocable Living Trust, Jill Hawn, successor co-trustee, U.S. Bank, successor co-trustee to Katherine Blauser, two lots, $382,000.

Sabareesh Murugesan, Rama Rajamani to Rafael Diaz, Jessica Molina, one lot, $285,000.

Eileen Alexander, trustee, Randy Alexander, trustee, Alexander Family Trust to Alyssa O’Dell, Cory O’Dell, two lots, a part lot, $68,500.

Steven Wolf to Nicole Reese, one lot, $258,000.

John Bliffen, attorney in fact, Edwin Myers to Patrick McDonald, one lot, $49,900.

Angela Govert, Dominic Govert to Bailey Dornbusch, Nicholas Swink, one lot, $225,000.

L. Steven Quillen, Patricia Quillen to Cathy Carter, one lot, $250,000.

Laurie Smith to Nicole Meyers, Richard Meyers, one lot, $335,000.

210 E. Water Street Co. I LLC to Retail Consulting Network, one lot, $194,000.

Carolyn Bilger to Angela Hockett, one lot, $175,000.

Harbor West Land Company to S.M. O’Neal Construction, one lot, $49,900.

Jerald Sawchek, Tina Sawchek to Katrina Loubier, one lot, $116,000.

Talismanic Properties to NVR Inc., one lot, $61,000.

Janice Schaefer, William Schaefer to Schaefer Family Trust, $0.

Debra Gray, Beth Hile to Cynthia Deeter, one lot, $0.

NVR Inc. to Sabareesh Murugesan, Rama Rajamani, one lot, $319,200.


Brenda Rhodes, Richard Rhodes to Jonathan Cox, one lot, $66,000.

Heidi Barga, Steve Barga to Piqua Improvement Corporation, two part lots, $0.

Ricky Forrest to Stephanie Forrest, one lot, $0.

Estate of Rolland Wagner to Thomas Wagner, two part lots, $0.

Estate of Mark Sweitzer to Jerilene Sweitzer , Mark Sweitzer, a part lot, $0.

Meghan Lavey, Travis to Josh Maxwell, Katherine Maxwell, one lot, $86,000.

Kent Newbright, Theresa Newbright to Eric Wogoman, one lot, $152,000.

Karen Hephner, Robert Hephner to Brian Hamilton, a part lot, $162,500.

Dota Brown III, Leanna Brown, Leann Walker to John Kastle, Sherry Kastle, a part lot, $144,000.

Michelle Collett, Michelle Shaw to Matthew Collett, Michelle Collett, one lot, $0.

Deborah Moorman, James Moorman to Debra Adams, Kathleen Grise, two lots, $38,000.

Garjar LLC to Wayne Roe, Sara Williams, one lot, $80,000.

Sarah Jean Dunn, Sarah Lebowitz to Jerica Drapp, Matthew Drapp, one lot, $210,000.

Heidi Barga, Steve Barga to Piqua Improvement Corp, a part lot, $0.

Brad Adams, Kathleen Grise to Samuel Werling, one lot, $99,900.

Jerica Drapp, Matthew Drapp to Ariel Shelby, Matthew Shelby, one lot, $132,000.

Estate of Joann Cornett, Dianna Nichols, executor to Nicholas Baker, one lot, $80,000.


Nicole Farkas, Zachary Farkas to Angela Doll, Gary Doll, one lot, $323,000.

Wanda Rahaim, William Rahaim to Julie Hunter, Nicholas Hunter, one lot, $310,000.

David Baileys, Kimberly Baileys to Scott Young, one lot, $398,000.

DJB Unlimited LLC to Gilbert Farms, one lot, $65,000.

Mike Hawk Homes to Linda Krall, Michael Krall, one lot, $60,000.


NVR Inc. to Jason Donovan, two lots, $333,600.

Barbara Gevat to Raina Wilson, Torre Wilson, two lots, $237,900.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Fischer Single Family Homes IV, two lots, $55,200.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Fischer Single Family Homes IV, two lots, $65,800.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $54,800.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $54,800.


Carol Greene to Jeremy Bubeck, Sarah Bubeck, one lot, $33,000.

Aaron Yohey, Katelyn Yohey to Dewayne Yohey, one lot, $185,000.

Robert Barhorst Jr., Tracy Barhorst to Andrew Nelson, one lot, $136,900.


Deborah Manning, Jack Manning to Jennifer Gutman, two lots, $225,400.

Heidi Anderson, Steven Anderson to Codey Dillon, a part lot, $64,000.

Jodie Meyer to McKenzie Harris, one lot, $129,400.


Miami County Sheriff Dave Duchak, Connie Didier, Leonard Didier Jr. to Anthium LLC, a part lot, $58,700.


Bruce Garber, Wenova Garber to Cassandra Zerkle, Lucas Zerkle, one lot, $291,000.


Jasprit Kaur Samra to Rupinder Sandhu, 20.012 acres, $0.

Cheryl Duell, John Duell to Carlos Coleman, Debra Coleman, 0.1653, $175,000.

Brenda Perry, David Perry to Brenda Perry, David Perry, 5.001 acres, $0.

Chester Johnson to David Tennant, Molly Tennant, one lot, $12,500.

Robert Sorrell, Michelle Swank to Robert Sorrell, Michelle Swank, one lot, $0.

Norma Hurst, Richard Hurst to Norma Hurst, Richard Hurst, 2.216 acres, $0.

Scott Moniaci, Valerie Monica to Scott and Valerie Living Trust, 3.092 acres, $0.

Scott Moniaci, Valerie Monica to Scott and Valerie Living Trust, 4.763 acres, $0.

Joseph Zimmerman, Lisa Zimmerman to Christen Crumley, Christopher Crumley, 2.754 acres, $0.

Joseph Zimmerman, Lisa Zimmerman to Bryan Schenck, Lindsey Schenck, 2.006 acres, $0.


Dianna Rohlfs, Robert Rohlfs to Ashley Dunlavy, Blake Hicks, one lot, $225,000.

Cecelia Green to Charles Cantrell Jr., Laura Cantrell, one lot, $250,000.

Chad Reese, Nicole Reese to Courtney Aberle, Ryan Abel, 18.4296 acres, $575,000.

Lauren Dugan, Michael Dugan, Lauren Wiercinski to Joseph Minneman, one lot, $284,900.

Blake Abrogate, Kimberly Arbogast to David Novotny, one lot, $153,000.

Ann Paul to Babu Paul, Jessy Paul, one lot, $0.


Patricia Roeth Trust, Richard Roeth Trust to Lucinda Kunkleman Irrevocable Trust, Susan Norman, trustee, Jeffery Roeth, trustee, $0.


Vernon Vineyard Revocable Living Trust, Kristina Vineyard, successor trustee, to Cassandra Ringo, Joshua Ringo, one lot, $269,500.

Amanda Carmichael, Joshua Carmichael to Lisa Stechenfinger, Paul Stechenfinger, one lot, $220,000.

John Rochester IV to Caroline Young, 0.574 acre, $229,900.

Mayme Malarkey, Andrew Malarkey to Joseph Belcher, Nona Belcher, 5.155 acres, $760,000.

Kenneth Hattan, Wendy Hattan to Lori Norris, $157,700.


Newberry Real Estate LLC to Luke Haney, Cara Miller, 10.018 acres, $90,000.

Cindy Jay to Jack Frantz, Melinda Frantz, 0.717 acres, $75,000.

John Hitchcock to John Hitchcock, Pamela Hitchcock, 1.6076 acres, 0.2549 acres, $0.


Colleen Diamond, Michael Diamond to Colleen Diamond, Michael Diamond, 1.173 acres, 5.166 acres, $0.


Patricia Roeth Trust, Richard Roeth Trust to Roeth Legacy Farm LLC, $0.

Patricia Roeth Trust, Richard Roeth Trust to Irrevocable Trust Agreement for Lucinda Kunkleman, Jeffery Roeth, trustee, $0.

Patricia Roeth Trust, Richard Roeth Trust to David Norman, Susan Norman, 73.268 acres, $0.

Brad Quillen, Laura Quillen to Amber Collum, Brent Collum, 2.516 acres, $281,000.

Marsha McDade to Francis Harris, 2.542 acres, $385,000.


Heather Daley to Todd Daley, 15.640 acres, $0.

Jane Fullmer, Jane Gues to Michael Geus, 0.687 acre, $0.

Joshua Johnson, Katherine Johnson to Jessica Taffe, Joseph Taffe, one lot, $150,100.

Della Fagg to Denise Stickles, Mark Stickles, 3.144 acres, $0.

Sarah Gillespie, Sarah Nartker to Sarah Nartker, 10.001 acres, $0.

Madonna Sellman Family Revocable Living Trust, Thomas Sellman, successor trustee to Nicole Kingsley, one lot, $106,300.

Jensen Flora, Sarah Flora to Rachael Sergent, Mark Tessari, 1.078 acres, $200,500.


Dewayne Yohey to Aaron Yohey, Katelyn Yohey, $230,000.

Terry Stamper to Jason Curtis, one lot, $179,900.