Kathy Henne: Sell the agents

If you plan to sell your home, take time to do your “home” work first. Before the first buyer ever sees your home, it is critical that you carry out two tasks that could result in an immediate sale at a good price.

First, put your home in model home condition. Ask your agent to help compile a list of improvements that will excite prospective buyers – and real estate agents. Everything on the list should be completed before your first showing. Repeat – it’s best not to show your home until all improvements have been completed!

Why is this so important? Once your home is on the market, many times the first people to see it are other real estate agents. Some agents preview homes for out of town clients. If other agents see unsightly carpet, or sense the pride of ownership is absent, they may never return with their buyers. Once that happens, you will have lost one of the best sources of ready buyers.

The second, and equally important, task is to become informed about pricing in your area. Ask your agent for complete details on all similar homes which have sold in your neighborhood in the recent past. Then, price your home accordingly, from the very beginning.

Regardless of your reasons, buyers will not purchase your home if it is overpriced. Avoid starting high, then reducing your price later. Want a fast sale at the highest possible price? Make your home sparkle with buyer appeal, and set the price right!