Dayton man sentenced up to 28 years in prison

MIAMI COUNTY — A Dayton man was sentenced to spend the next 24 to 28 years in prison for a 24-hour crime spree committed in June 2019 in Miami County Common Pleas Court Friday.

On Nov. 17, a jury trial found Je-Tarre Washington, 34, guilty on all 10 counts of the following felonies: first-degree felonies of aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery, second-degree felony assault, third-degree felonies of abduction, failure to comply with police orders, weapons under disability, fifth-degree felony possession of cocaine, and three gun specifications due to prior offenses. Washington was also classified as a repeat violent offender for a prior second-degree felony assault charge in his criminal history.

Throughout Friday’s hearing, Washington went on rambling rants about his innocence, the trial jury “of all white people,” and stated that “the system failed” him. He also claimed his case was riddled with bias and discrimination. Washington said he plans to appeal his sentence.

“You guys all wanted me to go down,” Washington said to the handful of officers and detectives who attended the hearing. “None of you all did your job right … just my life on the line.”

As Judge Stacy Wall continued on with the hearing, Washington continued his outbursts until he was detained to a holding cell where he was able to listen to the rest of the hearing. Wall also addressed and debunked each of Washington’s allegations on the record.

Prosecutor Janna Parker said Washington fits the definition of a sociopath claiming no remorse or responsibility for any of his conduct including the attempts to delay his sentencing by an outburst that could be heard by a September jury pool. That jury was dismissed.

Parker said Washington robbed, stole from, and assaulted innocent people of the public before trying to flee from police. Parker also said she had never seen a person be so disrespectful in court and that he was a drain on society.

Judge Wall reviewed Washington’s criminal record which included three prison terms, his numerous violent threats to Miami County Corrections Officers, his escape from GPS tracking during medical furlough in August 2020, and found no attempt at rehabilitation throughout his criminal career.

Judge Wall said in spite of all Washington’s misconduct, the court continued to protect his rights.

“You don’t care who you hurt. You’ll do anything to get your way,” Wall said. As she listed all the crimes Washington was found guilty of in the 24-hour period, she said Washington was “a wrecking ball” who didn’t care who or what got in his way during his criminal activity.

Judge Wall sentenced Washington to serve a minimum of eight years with a maximum of 12 years for the first-degree felony aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and second-degree felony assault, and three years of mandatory prison for gun specifications, for a 24 to 28 years mandatory prison term. All other charges will run concurrently with the high-level felony convictions. Wall said she imposed the sentence to protect the public. Judge Wall also noted Washington turned down a plea agreement to drop several of the counts for a maximum of 12 years in prison before his jury trial.

He was granted 509 days of jail credit.

On June 24, 2019, Washington was found guilty by a jury of stealing a Jeep from a gas station in Piqua. The following day, Washington was allegedly involved in a kidnapping and assault incident at the Hilltop Circle apartment complex in Troy. It was first reported as a carjacking but later was determined to be an assault. Washington assaulted a white male, who testified that Washington and another subject held him against his will, and stole his car, TV, his wallet and other items from his home. Later that day, a resident’s home on Piqua-Lockington Road was burglarized. A large safe containing multiple firearms and several tools and items from the garage were stolen. As police searched for the involved subjects in the Piqua area, Washington fled from officers in a high-speed pursuit in the stolen Jeep. The Jeep crashed into another vehicle and Washington fled on foot before being apprehended by officers in the North County Road 25-A area. Evidence from the other crimes was located in the vehicle.

Washington’s mother and his children’s mother testified Je-Tarre was at his mother’s home for a family day although state’s evidence of his activity, including climbing a flight of steps even though his mother’s home is a one-story mobile home, debunked their claims for an alibi.