Decision to hold lighting even discouraging

To the Editor:

For the first time in many years, I find I must speak out with great concern about the decision that Troy City leadership has made to proceed with plans to have the annual holiday illumination event on Nov. 27.

This decision is in direct conflict with the recommendations of Miami County Public Health and the governor of Ohio. These recommendations are not made without extensive research.

As a retired nurse, my first concerns are for the safety of Troy citizens and especially the nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists and all our health care workers in our local hospitals. It is a small sacrifice to wear a mask, socially distance and avoid group gatherings to keep our families, friends and neighbors safe.

If this means giving up one Christmas crowd event, then we should do it. Everyone wants our businesses to stay open, but if we do not first follow guidelines, so many people may get sick that work places cannot operate.

I am disappointed that our city officials are not uniting with Troy Main Street and some businesses who are following the recommendations of public health. Our city has always stood together in a unified way to do the right thing for the best interest of all residents and this issue is clearly one of those times in my opinion.

— Ruth Jenkins