Council passes emergency services contract

TIPP CITY — Tipp City Council unanimously passed a resolution at Monday’s meeting authorizing a two-year contract providing emergency and non-emergency services to the unincorporated areas of Monroe Township.

Resolution No. 58-20 will take effect on Jan. 1, 2021 and run through Dec. 21, 2022. This is the first emergency services contract the city has with Monroe Township. According to Tipp City Fire Chief Cameron Haller, is limited to a two-year contract instead of a three-year contract because the contract is new and there are some unknowns, as well as township voting on emergency services levys.

The contract combines fire and emergency medical services into one emergency services contract. Due to this, the township will be paying 26 paying of all operational costs of the budget, which amounts up to $398,295 per year with $99,573.75 per quarter. The township will also receive monthly revenue checks from a third-party billing agency based on the township user fees collected.

“The township, for the first time, is going to receive revenue generated by their citizens from the Medicount third-party billing services that they generate from the township. This was the most equitable way to incorporate the fees that the township citizens pay for the services provided while maintaining the 26 percent overall fees generated by the operating cost of the department,” Haller said.

In addition to this, council member Frank Scenna introduced an ordinance to council Monday evening that would allow the city to place a 10-year Capital Improvement renewal levy on the May 4, 2021 ballot.

“The last election, what we tried initially was to have both of those levys expire at the same time. Unfortunately, the voters didn’t agree, so Mr. Green has changed this to a renewal,” Tipp City Manager Tim Eggleston said.

The ordinance was introduced due to Tipp City residents voting against the income tax renewal levy in the 2020 General Election, in an effort to clarify that this will be a renewal and not an increase in taxes to the residents of Tipp City. All revenue from the renewal would go toward capital improvement projects in Tipp City.

Council also passed the following resolutions and ordinances Monday:

• Resolution No. 59-20, which amends the current established compensation for the clerk of council, passed in a 7-0 vote.

• Resolution No. 60-20, which modifies the employment agreement with council and the city manager to increase the city manager’s bi-weekly salary effective Nov. 17, 2020, passed in a 7-0 vote.

• Ordinance No. 23-20, which complies with the Ohio Revised Code, Section 9.15 regarding the disposition of an indigent person’s body, passed in a 6-1 vote with councilwoman Kathryn Huffman voting against the ordinance.

• Ordinance No. 24-20, which extends the extends the Intervening User Fee Agreement with Brenda Seagraves for water and sewer main extensions along North Hyatt Street and Manchester Drive for a period not to exceed 10 years and will expire on Jan. 4, 2031, passed in a 5-0-2 vote. Council members Huffman and Mike McFarland abstained from voting.

• Ordinance No. 25-20, which enacts new chapter 56 “Stormwater Regulations” of Title V “Public Works” of the city’s Code of Ordinances, passed in a 7-0 vote.

Several motions were also unanimously approved during Monday’s meeting:

• A motion approving council’s 2021 meeting calendar;

• A motion approving the Restoration Board and Architectural Board of Review’s annual plan;

• A motion appointing Kathy Taylor to the Miami County Community Action Council for a five-year term ending January 1, 2025; and

• A motion to cancel the Dec. 21, 2020 council meeting.

The next council meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 7.