Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Jeffrey Meredith, Debra Meredith to Meredith Ohio Properties, a part lot, $0.

Windy Properties to Christina Hughes, David Hughes, one lot, $240,000.

Zachary Brandon to Christy Nicolas, Rodrigo Nicolas, one lot, $160,500.

Jacqueline Doncaster, Philip Concaster to Troy Taylor, one lot, $117,900.

Barbara Wesbecher, Thomas Wesbecher to Tyler Goudy, Morgan Stefanoff, one lot, $289,900.

James Hempker, Rebecca Hempker to Nancy Allenbaugh, one lot, $369,900.

Ayse Knebelsberger, Uwe Knebelsberger to Ayse Knebelsberger, trustee, Uwe and Ayse Knebelsberger Revocable Living Trust, $0.

Katelynn Hodge, Timothy Hodge to Sarah Lewis, Aaron Miller, two lots, $191,000.

S.M. O’Neal Construction to Andrew Bronsord, Kandy Bronsord, one lot, $355,500.

Andrew Bronsord, Kandy Bronsord to Eri Pflugh, Gregory Pflugh, a part lot, $238,500.

Harlow Builders Inc. to Christopher Smith, Jennifer Smith, $615,000.

Sandra Wheelock to Cynthia Weaver, Gregory Weaver, one lot, $225,000.

Denise Baker, Paul Baker to Davis Cornell, one lot, $141,300.

Kevin Johnson, Sheri Johnson to Jeremy Barnes, one lot, $249,900.

Debra Sotzing, Kent Sotzing to Andrew Raybourn, Bonita Ritchie, one lot, $133,000.

Ashley Ditmars, Nathan Ditmars to Jason Mastroiannai, Emily Petercsak, one lot, $353,500.


Sandra Higgs, Sandra Lewis to William Higgs, one lot, $25,000.

David Short, Lisa Short to Judy Miller, two lots, $165,000.

Kathy McMaken to Michael Voskuhl, Stacey Voskuhl, one lot, $0.

Gale Miller, John Miller to Paul Lusk, $30,000.

Reagan and Putoff Investment to Reagan, Robert Christopher Reagan, two lots, $0.

Miami County Sheriff Dave Duchak, Larry Jones to Doug Liette, one lot, $14,500.

Anthony Bayman, Nicole Bayman to Brad Adams, Debra Adams, two part lots, $15,000.

Madeleine Hopper to Dillon Risner, Sabrina Risner, a part lot, $96,000.

Paul Sherry Fifth Amended and Restated Revocable Living Trust, Paul Sherry, trustee to James Sherry Trust, James Sherry, trustee, a part lot, $265,400.

Paul Sherry Fifth Amended and Restated Revocable Living Trust, Paul Sherry, trustee to J & M Investments of NW Ohio, a part lot, $265,400.

Kevin Cavender to Jason Grubb, a part lot, $15,000.

Angela Fogt, Deric Fogt to Samuel Rupert, two part lots, $92,000.

A.T. Enterprises to Ana Stahl, Thomas Stahl, a part lot, $0.

A.T. Enterprises to Ana Stahl, Thomas Stahl, one lot, $0.

Larry Bredeson, successor co-trustee, Mary Bredeson Declaration of Trust, Janis Schwarzkopf, successor co-trustee to Mary Bredeson Family Trust, $0.

Estate of Thelma Donnelly, Patricia Worthington, executor to Luther Branson, Lynn Branson, one lot, 4158,000.

Shanda Ashbrook, executor, Estate of Richard Slone to Jack Pleasant, a part lot, $30,000.

Jennifer Sage, John Sage to Kaci Cotrell, Tyler Sage, one lot, $125,000.


Estate of David Manes, Kimberly Ord, executor to Up North Construction Ltd., two part lots, $110,000.

Frank Ares, Linda Ares to Kate Sutton, one lot, $140,000.

Daniel Dilworth, Mariam Dilworth to Daniel Mader, Katherine Mader, one lot, $411,000.

Alan Moor, Julie Moor to Julie Moor, one lot, $0.

Talismanic Properties to NVR Inc., one lot, $61,000.

Jodi Hemmelgarn, Thomas Hemmelgarn to David Tuckerman, Shirley Tuckerman, one lot, $280,000.

Catherine Klinger, Michael Klinger to Kling Prop, $0.

Lori Bosma to Kimberly Arbogast, trustee, Bosma Family Revocable Trust, $0.

Brendan O’Connor to Audra Kucharski, Kevin Kucharski, one lot, $280,000.

Edward Kessler to Jacqueline Fashner, Micah Fashner, $159,000.


Ashlie Uderman, Shane Uderman to Cathy Helmick, Thomas Helmick, one lot, $255,000.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Jonathan Garber to Crawford 1102, a part lot, $47,000.

Janet Cost a.k.a. Janet Spurgeon to Larry Spurgeon, $0.


Adriene Isenbarger Trust to Adrienne Isenbarger, two lots, $0.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $54,800.

Carol Cornett, Dennis Cornett to Jacquilynn Reith, Seth Reith, two lots, $259,900.

Cale Armstrong, Mallory Armstrong, Mallory Lay to Clinton Bartlette, Katherine Bartlett, two lots, $250,000.

James Dalton, Mandi Dalton to Nasiba Khabibova, Mail Saraidze, two lots, $294,900.


Bonita Ritchie to Edward Kessler, four-part lots, $227,500.


William Mumford, Bobbie Whitt to William Mumford, Bobbie Whitt, one lot, $0.


Stephanie Kimmel to Paul Via and Jeanne Via Irrevocable Trust, Samuel Via, trustee, a part lot, $76,000.


Carroll Tracy to Donna Tracy, two lots, $0.

Andrew Brewster, Lorna Brewster to Andrew Brewster, Lorna Brewster, $0.

Jacqulyn Call to Shelby Brumbaugh, Zachery Shields, $130,000.

Kinnison Family Trust, Lori Meyer, successor trustee to Greg Kinnison Trust, $0.

Kerry Baker, trustee, WM Friends Trust to Daniel Arnold, Deborah Arnold, one lot, $113,000.


Carl Teske to Debra Thies, Richard Thies, one lot, $85,000.


Bow Co. LLC to Jennifer Dixon, William Dixon, $398,900.

Estate of David Long to Cynthia Long, $0.

Tara Garrett, Timothy Garrett to Lisa Lewis, Michael Lewis, 2.3348 acres, $79,000.

Mac Nicewander, Tina Nicewander to Nicewander LLC, 3.208 acres, $0.

Mandy Jackson, Lee Patrick to Erick Scott, William Scott Jr., 5.013 acres, $255,000.

Kimberly Kulyn, Michael Kulyn to Mac Nicewander, Tina Nicewander, 3.208 acres, $245,000.

Linda Bush to Jesse Grigsby, Melinda Grigsby, 17.0 acres, $487,500.


Wayne Deaton, successor trustee, Deaton Family Revocable Living Trust to Carla Farrell, Daniel Sturgill, $617,700.

Frank Greenwood Jr., Irma Greenwood to Frank Greenwood, Irma Greenwood, 25.0 acres, $0.

Ronald Barnes, trustee, William Barnes Trust, Rebecca Cook to Rebecca Cook, 1.999 acres, $0.

Charlotte Spitler, Lance Spitler to Ronald Deis, $0.

Janice Maxson, William Maxson to Janice Maxson, William Maxson, $0.

Janice Maxson, William Maxson to Janice Maxson Trust, William Maxson Trust, $0.


Anthony and Julia McGillvary Revocable Trust to Dana Groves, Paul Groves, 1.345 acres, $470,000.

Gary Githens, Brian Marker, Jane Marker, Eric Marker, Gary Marker to Anthony Smith, three-part lots, $37,500.

Donna Brandenburg, Robert Brndenburt to Linda Boyda, one lot, $334,900.


Jacqueline Ray to Eric Adkins, 0.717 acre, $135,000.


Edward Adams, Nellie Adams to Susan Slone, one lot, $0.

Kevin Baker to Kathryn Daniels, 0.861 acre, $202,000.


Aaron Walker, Lori Walker to Charles Stockdale, $241,500.

NVR Inc. to Erica Schwieterman, Joseph Schwieterman, one lot, $270,900.


Jeffrey Meredith, Debra Meredith to Stillwater Ridge Farms, 13.626 acres, $0.

Debra Stammen, Vernon Stammen to Michael Jennings, trustee, Thomas Jennings, trustee, Vernon and Debra Stammen Principal Protection Trust, $0.

Bryan Smith to Daniel Seger Trust, 72.8825 acres, $928,800.


Eighteen Twenty-One LLS to Nick’s HOlding Company, $105,000.

Arelene Snider, co-trustee, James Snider, co-trustee, Snider Family Revocable Living Trust to Jennifer Sage, John Sage, 2.159 acres, 2.338 acre, $305,000.


Joshua Potter, trustee, Potter Preservation Trust to James Buchanan, Karen Buchana, one lot, $182,000.

Dianne Kauflin, Matthew Kauflin to Ann Knostman, Douglas Knostman, 1.64, $540,000.


Bryan Budding to Bryan Budding, Jennifer Kriska, 8.461 acres, $0.


Lori Sink, successor co-trustee, Bryan SMith, successor co-trustee, Virtori SMith Revocabvle LIving Trust to Daniel Seger Trust, $1,201,400.

Diana Pethel to Andrea Townsend, Stephen Townsend, three part lots, $280,000.