Joint crash reduction effort underway

MIAMI COUNTY — Troopers from the Piqua post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol are joining forces with deputies from the Miami County Sheriff’s Office to address the alarming crash concerns occurring on area roadways.

A review of crash data for 2019 and year to date 2020, shows Miami County has experienced a total of 4,254 traffic crashes. Of those, over 789 have involved injury and 20 have involved traffic fatalities. Out of those crashes, 738 involved a failure to yield violation, 324 involved either alcohol and/or drug impairment, and 536 occupants were unbelted at the time of the crash. Additionally, a closer look at the age groups involved, overwhelmingly youth and teen drivers make up almost 2,000 crashes with mature drivers following close behind representing over 1,480 crashes.

To address these crashes, troopers and deputies will be working an enforcement blitz titled S.T.O.P. (Stop, Turn, Observe, and Proceed) through the rest of 2020. Units will focus their efforts on Troy-Sidney Road between U.S. 36 and Piqua-Troy Road. In addition to failure to yield violations, units will be on the look-out for excessive speeding, distracted driving, and ensuring motorists are buckling up. To help fund additional patrols, both agencies will be utilizing federal grants through the end of the year.

“Our goal is simple, ensure everyone gets to their destinations safely,” said Piqua Post Commander Lieutenant Joseph Gebhart. “By making good decisions, respecting others using the road, and buckling up, you can help us make the upcoming holiday season much safer.”