Dog owner jailed after allegedly beating animal

PIQUA — A Piqua man was arrested on animal cruelty charges following an incident at an apartment complex on Wednesday.

Jace Christian Brown was taken to the Miami County Jail on charges of animal cruelty and obstructing official business after a neighbor posted on social media that they had witnessed “a man stomping and punching a dog.”

Piqua Police first responded to the call at the Colonial Terrace Apartment complex at 1901 Covington Ave. shortly before 10 a.m. Wednesday. The responding officer was unable to locate the dog or the owner.

A short time later, Deputy Sarah Fraley, from the Miami County Animal Shelter, and an officer from the Piqua Police Department returned and began knocking on doors. The person who made the social media post was located. In her statement, she said, “a male subject was carrying the dog behind the apartment complex. He came out of the grassy area with the dog on a leash as he was kicking it.” The witness went on to say that Brown threw the dog over a fence, jumped the fence himself and continued beating the animal.

The witness yelled at the man and called 9-1-1.

She stated that the dog was “screaming in pain and had to be hurt.”

Deputy Fraley and Officer Logan Welbaum narrowed the search to Building 6 and managed to locate Brown who matched the description given by the witness.

Brown and his female companion initially denied having the adult animal, although a female at the apartment was holding a young puppy when she answered the door.

Deputy Fraley said she then heard another dog inside the apartment and the resident admitted that another dog was there.

The dog is a blue female pit-type, who had recently had puppies. The dog’s name is Aniya and she is 2 years old. Deputy Fraley’s report states that a small knot was forming on the dog’s head.

When asked why he had beaten the dog, Brown stated it had run away from him and that he was mad at the dog. He then “began crying and repeating he was sorry.”

Aniya, along with one of her puppies were seized by Miami County Animal Control officers and taken to a veterinarian to be checked. Two other puppies, and an adult male dog, were handed over to a relative who took them to her home in Shelby County.

Fraley said there were originally eight puppies in the litter. All but three had died, allegedly from parvo, according to Brown.

While in the apartment, officers observed a small infant. The infant appeared to be in a clean diaper and otherwise healthy, but did have colic. Due to conditions inside the apartment and the situation with the alleged cruelty to the animal, Miami County Children’s Services was contacted.