Tipp income tax renewal comes up short with voters

TIPP CITY — Residents in Tipp City voted against the capital improvement levy renewal that appeared on Tuesday’s election ballot, according to the unofficial election results from the Miami County Board of Elections. The levy was rejected with 2,713 votes against the levy, and 2,630 votes for the levy.

The levy was a 0.50 percent, 10-year income levy that was to commence in January 2021 if passed. Capital improvements covered under the levy included, but were not limited to repairing, replacing, improving and expanding municipal roads, streets, alleys, stormwater systems, buildings, structures or other physical assets, including vehicles and equipment.

“(I am) disappointed in the results, although it was predicted by some due to ballot language that it might fail. The finance director was hoping it would pass in its present form to have both levies expire at the same time,” Tipp City Manager Tim Eggleston said.

Capital improvement projects planned from 2021 through 2025 include:

• Fire/EMS: Replacement of the current SCBA cascade/fill station to refill oxygen bottles ($60,000). The current unit is a 1999 model.

• Fire/EMS: Purchase of a chief’s car/mobile command vehicle ($55,000). This vehicle will replace a 2000 Ford Excursion.

• Fire/EMS: Replacement of two medic/ambulance vehicles ($297,000/each or $594,000 total).

• Safety surface upgrades under existing equipment in various parks at a cost of $15,000 annually in 2021‐2025.

• City park electric upgrades, including converting overhead electric lines to underground services in 2022 ($60,000). As part of this project permanent electric drops will be installed for use by city festivals and events held in the Park as well as water lines and taps installed strategically throughout the park.

• “Quiet Zone” railroad crossing improvements costing $750,000 in 2022 and $750,000 in 2023 for construction of crossing improvements.

Tipp City Council unanimously voted to pass a resolution adopting the 2021-2025 Capital Improvement Plan for the city that was reviewed by council at its Oct. 12 workshop at Monday’s council meeting.

According to Eggleston, staff will have legislation prepared for the next council meeting, to be held Monday, Nov. 16, stating that the levy is a renewal for the next election for council’s consideration.