Powell re-elected for a second term

MIAMI COUNTY — Miami County re-elected Darke County native Jena Powell to serve a second term in the 80th district Ohio House of Representatives seat.

Powell defeated Democrat candidate Ted Jones, a retired factory manager from Piqua, who challenged incumbent Republican Powell of Darke County.

In a Facebook post, Powell said, “Thank you OH-80! It’s been an honor representing you and an honor to continue being your voice in the legislature.”

In Miami County, Powell received 41,340 votes or 74 percent and Jones received 14,176 votes or 25 percent of votes. The district seat spans all of Miami County and southern Darke County. In Darke County, Powell received 75 percent of votes for re-election.

In a statement to sister paper the Greenville Daily Advocate, Powell said, “I am thrilled to represent you in the legislature and fight for our conservative values in the next two years. As always, if you have questions or want to tell me your story, you can email or call my office at any time. I am looking forward to continuing to fight for the 80th District in Columbus.”

On Wednesday, Jones said, “First I want to thank everyone that voted for our campaign. It was an unusual campaign to say the least because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, I believe that the issues that we ran on were important and timely. I believe those issues were important with regard to our district and our state overall. The voters have made their intentions known and we have to respect those choices.”

Jones said he’ll determine if he’ll run again at a later time.

“I can only remain hopeful that Representative Powell will use her influence to make our state legislature less corrupt, reduce taxes that adversely affect working people, and provide the leadership necessary to fund public education equitably throughout our district as well as our state. I wish her success in that effort because the future of our students depends on it.”