Trump has done well for our country

To the Editor:

Matters are somewhat puzzling in our US at the present time. I call it our US because millions of our people have served in our military and have given their “lives, limb and minds” to preserve our freedoms. Because of these heroic Americans, we are still allowed to fly our American flag. Let us never take that flag for granted.

A few weeks ago, in the Miami Valley Today, there was a letter titled “Trump’s broken promises.” The letter reeked of hatred of President Trump. The writer failed to mention or acknowledge any of President Trump’s many accomplishments these last four years that have made the US a safer country. He has done so much good for our country while the Democrats with Nancy Pelosi daily planned everything (and still are) they could think of to throw at President Trump hoping to “bring him down,” while ignoring the work they were elected to do.

Many of you are faulting President Trump for not containing the COVID-19 virus. Remember, it’s invisible and all over the world. The Democratic candidates have said President Trump did nothing and froze. We all know that President Trump would not freeze. The president did everything imaginable to get companies busy providing necessary medical supplies to those who had contracted the virus. Stopping all imports and exports immediately helped stop the virus spread.

Mr. Biden will never have what it takes to be our president/commander in chief. He will never, and I mean never, stand up to the oversees rulers that a president must deal with. He will not even know what they are talking about. The rulers will have him wrapped around their little finger and Mr. Biden will just smile, thinking he outwitted them.

If Biden wins, it will be too late for the wall. Eventually, millions of illegal immigrants would be free to come and go at their leisure. On a recent commercial, he us not only welcoming millions of illegal immigrants and giving them immunity, but also health care. What a slap in the face to the citizens of the US! There were local people that applied for the Obama Affordable Health Care. Guess what? It was too expensive.

If this all becomes a reality, which hopefully it won’t, our future will be a mystery. There would never be enough food or all the other necessary essentials.

President Trump would never let this happen. At least four years ago he could foresee the problems of illegals across the borders. From the beginning of his presidency he wanted to build a wall. Democrats didn’t want him to be president from day one and they have never made a secret of it.

— Alice Caldwell