The ‘new’ Democratic Party left me

To the Editor:

I use to be a Democrat. I never left the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me. In a few days, we will be voting on an election that could change the face of America, and I will proudly vote to re-elect Donald Trump for president for the following reasons.

1. Abortion. The “new” Democratic Party believes in late term abortions and some believe in still aborting babies soon after birth. I’m appalled by vacuuming babies out of the womb in pieces.

2. Green New Deal. The Green New Deal means in time getting rid of planes, gas cars, and buildings must be reconstructed to meet “green” requirements, and A.O.C. also wants the same for houses. According to one study, that means the average homeowner’s cost would be $70,000 a year. Can you afford that?

3. The “new” Democratic Party at their convention refused to say “under God” when saying the pledge. Our founding fathers prayed and believed they had divine intervention when writing the Constitution.

4. They want to de-fund the police. I know if I make a call to the police, i don’t want to be put on hold or told to take a number.

5. The “new” Democratic Party will raise your taxes even though the say they are not. Just by taking away Trump’s tax cuts (which Biden has said he will do) will take money out of your paycheck and you will be paying the higher tax rate you were before the tax cuts.

6. Stock market. In March, the stock market was down to just over 18,000 points due to the drop after COVID-19 hit. Today, even with a pandemic, the stock market is up 10,000 points. That means your personal investments and retirement plans are in good shape. If Biden gets in office, the predictions are the stock market will drop significantly.

7. Packing the court. Both Biden and Harris refuse to answer this question, so I think you could clearly say, yes, they will pack the court. We have had nine Supreme Court judges for 150 years, and no reason to change.

When you vote, please vote as an American, not a party affiliate. Please do not let Americans become a socialist nation! The “new” Democratic Party hates Trump more than they love this great country. I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, they left me!

— Leslie McDaniel