No demand for housing in Bethel Township

To the Editor:

First, I want to thank you for the second article about the zoning referendums on the ballot for Bethel Township. Many of us feel our township has been assaulted by Huber Heights for years, wanting to spread like a cancer by annexing properties into Huber, while those properties remain the responsibility of the Bethel township services we residents fund — schools, fire, rescue and more. To be clear, Mr. Bean’s initial proposal was for 66 homes plus the commercial building, and copies of that plat drawing are available at our township office should anyone wish to see it. Thankfully it was turned down before being brought to the residents, but it illustrates motivation.

I had to laugh that the reason for further development was the “demand for more housing” in Bethel. Could that demand be related to our rural ambiance? Wouldn’t more and more development destroy that? As well as mixing commercial and residential? Who wants to live next to an active commercial building unless it’s theirs? Think, people! I’d much prefer bigger lot size, with buyers choosing their own builder and design instead of “build it and they will come.” We will be dealing with our trustees re zoning changes in the near future, and in the meantime there are homes for sale in our township.

Thank you again for giving Bethel residents a chance to speak. I’ve been here 27 years, have never before contested development, but then we haven’t had anyone want to impose an actual multi-home development on us before. Mr. Bean has even given it a name and graciously provided copies of his marketing brochure to us! Many thanks.

— Beth Houston

Bethel Township