Piqua PD forwards DeWine arrest plot to OSHP

PIQUA — The Piqua Police Department has forwarded a case to the Ohio State Highway Patrol for investigation regarding an alleged plot to arrest Governor Mike DeWine for tyranny.

According to a Piqua police report, a resident went to the police station on Oct. 16 to report a “concerning” phone call he received.

“(The complainant) explained that he has submitted affidavits to the state of Ohio filing charges of tyranny against Governor DeWine recently, but the state did not accept his charges,” the report states. “He advised that he received a phone call today from former Gubernatorial candidate Renea Turner. He advised that Renea was organizing a group of people who intended to go to the governor’s residence and arrest him for tyranny.”

According to the report, the complainant told police he advised Turner he did not want to be involved with the plot. He stated he wanted to report the phone call to police, adding that he was unable to provide further information on Turner or the plan to arrest the governor.

Turner, who ran against Gov. DeWine in 2018 as a write-in candidate, posted a video on her Facebook page last week in which she reads a “declaration to alter by dissolving the political band between Ohioans with Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine.”

Turner’s declaration aimed to “alter and remove” the current governor because “he is a tyrant.” The video goes on to show Turner place her hand on a Bible and recite the governor’s oath of office, proclaiming herself the governor of Ohio.

Six days after his first report, on Oct. 22, the complainant again reached out to Piqua Police to inform them about a YouTube video which referenced his previous report to police.

“(The complainant) advised John Becker made a video on YouTube thanking an unknown Piqua citizen,” the report states. “He advised someone named “Stinger” (sic) made a comment about ‘the hero who will be dealt with.’ (The complainant) advised he was the hero and he just wanted a report made in case something happens.”

The referenced video, which was uploaded to YouTube by State Rep. John Becker, of Clermont County, on Oct. 21, is titled, “Not All Heroes Wear Capes — Foiled Plot to Arrest, Try, and Execute or Exile Gov. DeWine for Tyranny.” As of Monday, the video is still up on the website and has 1,163 views.

Under the video, a comment posted from a YouTube account named, “Sting,” which the complainant referred to in his police report, can be seen. The comment includes the statement “this ‘hero’ will be dealt with.”

On Oct. 24, a call was made to the Piqua Police Department again regarding this alleged plot, this time by a different complainant.

“Caller wanted to inform me of a co-worker who has made claims about over-throwing the governor and being part of a militia,” the report states. “Caller was advised that no illegal actions were taking place, but I would document her concerns in my report.”

According to the Piqua Police Department, the investigation is no longer being conducted by PPD and has been forwarded to the Ohio State Highway Patrol for further investigation. Any additional information regarding the incident will be forwarded to the OSHP.

According to Ohio State Highway Patrol Staff Lt. Craig Cvetan, no information can currently be shared regarding the ongoing investigation.

“The only thing I can confirm is that we were made aware of the information reported to the Piqua Police Department on the allegations and are currently investigating the incident,” Cvetan said. “However, for security reasons, the patrol would not discuss any of the details of threats or safety issues involving the governor.”