5 county teams, 6 individuals advance at district cross country meet

CEDARVILLE — The Miami Valley League’s teams faced opposition from outside the league for the first time all season at Saturday’s district cross country meet in Cedarville.

And while Miami County had no district champions this season, the area’s schools will be sending five teams and six individual qualifiers on to next week’s regional meet on the levee in Troy.

• Division I

The Tippecanoe and Troy boys teams both qualified for the regional, with the Red Devils finishing second and the Trojans grabbing the fifth and final qualifying spot in the “A” race.

The Devils were second with 55 points. Gannon Owen was fourth (16:37.7), Allan Murray was sixth (16:39.5), Trenton Brown was ninth (16:45.5), Dylan Taylor was 14th (16:59.7) and Kalib Tolle was 22nd (17:16.6).

Troy finished fifth with 119 points. Josh Lovitt led the way in 18th (17:07.8), Will Schaefer was 20th (17:09.6), Matthew Spayde was 24th (17:21.8), Gavin Hutchinson was 28th (17:33.5) and Kyle McCord was 29th (17:34.4).

Piqua finished seventh with 187 points, with Nolan Campbell qualifying individually by finishing 11th in 16:54.1. Paul Hinds was 33rd (17:56.4), Jesse Furman was 42nd (18:18.4), Caven Wiles was 47th (18:35.4) and Connor Brush was 54th (19:14.5).

With the top three teams qualifying in the girls “B” race, Piqua was fifth as a team with 178 points but Cassie Schrubb qualified as an individual, finishing 10th in 20:10.9. Gracie Clark was 31st (22:18.9), Isabella Murray was 39th (23:12.4), Laurynn Barr was 48th (25:21.4) and Aubri Cathcart was 50th (25:33).

And in the girls “A” race, Troy missed the fourth and final qualifying spot by 17 points, finishing fifth with 139. Renee Kovacs was two spots out of the final individual qualifying spot, finishing 18th (20:34.8), Millie Peltier was 21st (20:47.2), Ashley Kyle was 31st (21:31.8), Josie Marlow was 35th (21:50) and Kara Enneking was 38th (22:02.5).

• Division II

In the D-II girls “A” race, Tippecanoe qualified as a team, finishing second with 59 points.

Annie Sinning led the Devils in fourth (19:35), Shelby Hept was seventh (19:53.3), Gracie Wead was eighth (20:05.7), Katie Landis was 18th (20:48.4) and Libby Krebs was 22nd (21:30.7).

Milton-Union had no qualifiers, finishing ninth with 226 points. Ty Parsons was 20th (21:05.2), Maddie Stasiak was 34th (22:12.7), Madison Coate was 57th (24:12.4), Micah Tracy was 59th (24:29.4) and Kelsie Tomlinson was 60th (24:30.1).

In the girls “B” race, Bethel had no qualifiers, finishing seventh with 190 points. Makenzie Nida was 33rd (22:55.5), Madison Spaeth was 38th (24:12), Carmyn Nida was 43rd (26:17.1), Lisa Sebastian was 44th (26:18.6) and Abby Murlin was 46th (26:58.8).

In the boys “B” race, Bethel grabbed the third and final team qualifying spot with 88 points. Cole Brannan finished seventh (17:18.1), Trent Schweikhardt was ninth (17:30.9), Jaiden Hogge was 22nd (18:08), Kaleb Roberts was 23rd (18:08.3) and Bryce Schweikhardt was 27th (18:34.3).

Milton-Union was fourth with 103 points but had two individual qualifiers: Eric Trittschuh in sixth (17:08.9) and Chris Miller in 11th (17:44.7). Kyle Bostick was one spot away from qualifying in 13th (17:46), McKinah Rupp was 35th (19:47.4) and Collin Thomas was 38th (20:14.9).

• Division III

In the boys “A” race, Covington qualified as a team, finishing third with 79 points. Bennett Welborn was fifth (17:15.6), Mic Barhorst was 15th (17:50.6), Asher Long was 17th (18:02.1), Britton Miller was 22nd (18:19.6) and Devin Brummitt was 24th (18:23).

Miami East was one place out of the final qualifying spot, finishing fifth with 146 points. Elijah Willmeth was 21st (18:18.8), Andrew Crane was 23rd (18:20), Caleb Richter was 30th (18:44.3), Josh Amheiser was 42nd (19:11.4) and Clark Bennett was 43rd (19:12).

Troy Christian’s Noah Shook qualified as an individual, finishing 10th (17:42.1).

In the boys “B” race, Newton was seventh with 190 points but had one individual qualifier: Owen Via in fifth (17:18.2). Clint Shellenberger was 24th (18:14.6), Ben Hoover was 28th (18:31.4), Jacob Moore was 47th (19:27.5) and Dalton Trucksis was 93rd (27:17.8).

Bradford was 13th with 396 points. Jayden Dues was 80th (21:46.7), Hunter Biddlestone was 82nd (21:57.7), Owen Beachler was 85th (23:49.3), Ethan Brogan was 88th (23:03) and Dalton Reck was 90th (23:49.3).

In the girls “A” race, Miami East missed the final qualifying spot by one in fifth with 127 points, but Maryn Gross qualified as an individual in 10th (20:35.9). Kiley Davie was 22nd (21:19.9), Kinley Lavender was 32nd (22:25.6), Kendal Staley was 35th (22:49.2) and Cyrena McAdams was 40th (23:53.9).

Troy Christian was ninth with 264 points. Annie Twiss was 49th (24:45.2), Gwen Harris was 59th (25:51.5), ZaNya Green was 66th (27:15.4), Katie Townsend was 74th (29:37.3) and Cheyanna Cullen was 80th (32:38.1).

And in the girls “B” race, Covington was seventh with 190 points. Johanna Welborn was two spots out of the final individual qualifying spot in 14th (21:26.8), Allie Garman was 28th (22:21.1), Teylor Meyer was 45th (24:43.4), Ella White was 55th (25:29.6) and Audrey Tobe was 63rd (28:32.1).