Consider the consequences of election

To the Editor:

I had the opportunity to spend time with my young granddaughters this week. As I watched them play, I began to think about what it will be like as they grow up. More than ever before, I believe the outcome of this election will have a profound impact on their world and their opportunities.

As I recall, it was an objective of then-President Obama to “fundamentally change this country.” To hear this year’s slate of Democrat Party candidates, it is apparent they wish to push this agenda further. If one looks past their promises, it seems inevitable their plans can only be achieved through more government control and fewer personal freedoms.

I believe if you look objectively at the accomplishments of President Trump, you will see he has done, or is doing, what he promised — putting this country and its citizens first, creating opportunities for growth and a better quality of life. In short, “Making America Great Again.”

It is easy to make the promises of more “free stuff” from the government sound very appealing. But the reality is, “free stuff” always comes at a price, and it is most often the sacrifice of personal freedoms and limited opportunities for individual success.

I have never before written a letter like this, but my concern for our future is so great this year I feel compelled to do so. It is my hope it will cause readers to pause and consider the consequences of this year’s election. Ideally, it will change some minds. At minimum, I hope it will motivate conservative voters who may have decided not to participate to do whatever it takes to vote. Every vote does matter. To fail to cast your ballot could very well affect the future of this country and our children.

— Bill Cook