Pranksters dump dish soap in fountain

TROY — Pranksters dumped dish soap into the new fountain on the Miami County Courthouse Plaza on Friday night.

A large quantity of dish soap was poured into the fountain, causing soap bubbles to fill the fountain and overflow onto the plaza and sidewalks. Miami County Sheriff’s Office corrections officers found the sudsy situation about 10:50 p.m. Friday, according to Sheriff Dave Duchak.

County employees were called in to shut down the fountain and clean the area around the fountain. Troy Fire Department sprayed more than 1,000 gallons of water on the bubbles in an effort to clean the area to allow voters access to the polls on Saturday.

Duchak said the prank included several hundred dollars in salaries of maintenance and fire personnel along with several more hundred dollars in the water used to wash the fountain down and clean it out.

Duchak said because of bad lighting from the surveillance video that late at night, they are looking to get enhancements made of the video to improve their ability to identify the suspects. He said they believe two younger people were involved in the incident, based on the video.

Since there was no permanent damage, Duchak said charges to those pulling the prank would be criminal mischief and potentially disrupting public services for the situation requiring taking a fire tanker out of service for the area to be washed down.

If anyone saw suspicious activity at the fountain Friday night, contact Miami County dispatch by calling (937) 440-9911 or anonymous tips can be left at