Re-elect Justice Kennedy

To the Editor:

Modeled after the United States Constitution our Ohio Constitution empowers us to select those who will serve us as judges. This fall we elect justices to the Ohio Supreme Court and I ask all of my friends and neighbors to join me in voting to re-elect Justice Sharon L. Kennedy.

I fully support Sharon for this position because of her judicial philosophy. She believes in judicial restraint. Without such restraint, a complete breakdown of our constitutional form of government could quickly result.

When Alexander Hamilton wrote Federalist Paper 78 to explain the role of the federal judiciary, he indicated that the judicial branch would be the “least dangerous branch.” That judges will “neither have force or will, but merely judgment.” I firmly believe that judges must honor their limited role in government and only interpret the law as it is written. They must not rewrite the law or legislate from the bench. This is the sole province, per our Constitution, of the Legislative branch. The decisions that Sharon has authored since joining the court are on her website at Do not take my word for it, read some or all of these decisions for yourselves. And when you do, you will join me in voting for a constitutionalist justice — Justice Sharon L. Kennedy

— Anthony (Tony) Kendell