Chaffee’s Brewhouse opens in Tipp City

TIPP CITY — Located in the historic Chaffee Opera House building in downtown Tipp City, Chaffee’s Brewhouse offers a uniquely local atmosphere, and one of the widest selections of craft beer in town.

Chaffee’s is open 4 to 9 p.m., Monday through Thursday, 2 to 9 p.m. on Fridays, and noon to 9 p.m. on Saturdays. More information can be found online at

“We have an 18-tap system,” Chaffee’s co-owner Shawn Richards said. “Six of those taps are going to be dedicated to non-beer drinks; two of them are going to be red wine, two of them are going to be a white wine, and then two will be a cocktail and mocktail.”

“We have 12 beers, ranging from ciders to a double-imperial IPA,” Richards continued. “We want to showcase all different styles of beer, but our focus is going to remain on the Ohio area.”

Richards said all beers will be craft.

“In addition to that, our house drinks are going to be local spirits from Buckeye Vodka and Indian Creek Distillery; we’re going to showcase them, as well,” he said.

Richards and his wife, Lisa, opened Chaffee’s Brewhouse recently, hosting a soft opening in September and a grand opening on Oct. 2.

“Lisa’s been a bartender for 14 years,” he said. “I owned a draft service company for nine years, and we grow hops. This kind of showcases everything.”

“We plan on just easing into it, to get the kinks out of it before we really go full-bore,” Richards added. “We’ll allow some time for trial and error.”

Chaffee’s Brewhouse also offers a unique selection of meats and cheeses, available for parties of one person or up to 20 people.

“Basically, it will be a meat and cheese board,” Richards said. “We’re going to have a choice of four cured meats and four cheeses, kind of a build-your-own. You’ll get a choice of whether you want bread or crackers, and what accompaniments you want with it.”

Richards said they chose to offer “light fare” as a way to complement the other restaurants within the city.

“There are so many good restaurants in downtown Tipp City, we wanted to give the option of some expanded seating,” he said. “Especially with carry-outs being kind of a big thing right now, with COVID; that gives people a place to go to Harrison’s or Coldwater and carry-out and come over and sit and have some additional space with the limited capacities.”

Located in the former Pink Ribbon Girls’ space at 15 S. Second St., Chaffee’s Brewhouse features a completely remodeled interior.

“It turned out really nice,” Shawn Richards said. “We’re proud of it … We had to knock out some walls and paint. It was a deli at one point in time, so it had all of the bare bones that we needed to do it.”

The space still retains much of its original character, thanks in part to the building’s long and somewhat mysterious history.

“Sidney Chaffee started construction in 1865 or 1866 and it was completed in 1867, we believe,” Richards said. “There are a couple of dates written on the walls throughout the opera house, so that’s why it’s not actually set in stone which part was built when.”

Richards said they chose to honor the building’s history by using the namesake.

“We chose Chaffee’s because of it being the Chaffee’s building, and the logo was designed from a photo someone had put on the opera house wall in the 1800s,” he said.

Chaffee’s Brewhouse also features a patio with additional outdoor seating.

“We are working on that,” Lisa Richards said. “We have the approval from the city; we want to get open and then finish the patio. In addition to the outdoor patio, there will be outdoor seating with the passage of the designated outdoor recreation area.”

Shawn Richards said he looks forward to adding to the downtown atmosphere.

“Our goal is for people to come to downtown Tipp City, enjoy the fare that is offered, do a little shopping and then head home with a wide selection of beer,” Shawn Richards said. “Tipp City was behind us all the way, and we look forward to being a member of the community and continuing to work with the downtown partnership.”